Ya lost my dogs?

You lost my dogs the first time I let you two go rabbit hunting by yourselves?

The two being referred to were Brag and myself of course. “ I showed ya’ll and showed ya’ll how to handle dogs and ya ain’t learned a thing. How can I quit rabbit hunting? You two won’t never get another rabbit if I quit now.“ Eighty three year old Uncle NoPass continued “Come in here with some story bout my dogs running a deer. Those are the best dogs in these parts won’t run nothing but a rabbit. Everybody says so…………….”

Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on a wall at Uncle NoPass’s house that afternoon when Brag and I returned from our second annual MLK ( Martin Luther King ) rabbit hunt. Last year, it was just Uncle NoPass, Brag and myself. Everybody else has to work. The dogs in question were Kate and Robyn. Robyn was technically my dog, but ownership seemed to depend on the circumstances. Right now, Robyn is back in Uncle NoPass’s ownership if not exactly his possession.

Uncle NoPass begged off going. Overall, a wise choice due to the raw and blustery weather. And for the first time, he insisted Brag and I take His dogs to hunt without him showing us how it’s done. It could have been the weather or it could have been a troubling thing.

The ride to Seale was pleasant. Brag and I (mostly I) agreed that the driver got to pick the radio station and since Brag had one of those pretend trucks, he got to listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd on the way down. Could just as easily have been Uriah Heep or Conway Tweety or John Lee Hooker or even Dr. Hook or………

Robyn and Kate ran two nice races but Brag and I couldn’t seem to get into position to shoot. The conversation between the “finest dogs in these parts” Kate and Robyn probably went like this “What’s wrong? Maybe we’re chasing the wrong thing. Lets chase that big thing. It looks like it’s got more meat on it anyway.”
And off they went. Uncle NoPass’s dogs,” who ain’t never run no deer”, running a deer.

That was about 1 in the afternoon. We looked. We hollered. We hiked to “the next hill over” trying to hear. We rode the paved road. We stopped at houses and business’s in the last general direction we heard them. We DID NOT want to go back to Uncle NoPass’s without his dogs. We knew the scene before it was to be played out and we were dreading it. I told Brag on the short, mostly silent ride back to Uncle NoPass’s that, for the dog’s, I hoped the cold night (23*) in the woods was a learning experience-Don’t miss your ride back to town.

“I tell you, I just don’t know.” Uncle NoPass said. “ Don’t you boys pay attention to a thing I say? I reckon I’ll have to go show you again how to do it. This time try to pay attention.”

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