Well, that was pretty embarassing

Especially with a witness.

I went to the barn this morning to tend to the animals and a friend, Ricky was already there. He told me to look at the end of the run through the  barn. There set a big buck rabbit!

I walked to the end of the run and the rabbit took off towards the dog pens stopping only about 10 yards from the legendary Rabbit Journal Pack. I casually walked to the pens and through the gates open.

The rabbit headed south and dove through a section of hog wire. The dogs took off north celebrating being out of the pen without a thought as to the rabbit

I ended up walking the dogs all around where the rabbit had run and they acted like their smellers were broke. I could tell that Ricky was a little embarrassed for me especially with all my bragging about how great the dogs had done last season


One thought on “Well, that was pretty embarassing

  1. Stephen Pepper

    I have 6 pups, born July 5, 2018. I still have the two young dogs I got last year, the parents of the pups. I’m looking forward to working with them hard in about three more weeks. Right now they still just want to nurse and sleep. I haven’t had pups to raise right since the “Tombstone Pack” (hell is coming with them) 18yrs ago.

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