“We got 3”

Thank goodness for the “We” system. Charles Pearson and I got three rabbits today on a light hunt at Mr. Daves house. rabbit hunting in waterIt’s always good to hear somebody else praise your pack of dogs. And when it’s a fellow dogman, it’s all the sweeter.

Charles had me put one of his tracking collars in my vest. Whether this was because of the fact that I got a little turned around the other day on the skunk hunt or because it gave Charles an edge on rabbit killing is open for debate. Some of you know I used to carry a compass. A compass is a great tool for keeping lost in only one direction.

We jumped the first rabbit at the edge of Mr. Dave’s driveway and he led The Rabbit Journal Pack on a long race in the woods between his house and the huge field below. To make it even better, most of the race was in areas that had sheets and pools of water. Mr. Dave took the first two shots, missing both after having to jerk his foot out of the way of the charging rabbit. Then Charles killed it.

The second rabbit came when Charles jumpshot a rabbit after a long fruitless circle that ended back at Dave’s house. That means the first two rabbits were Dave’s yard rabbits.

The third came when the dogs crossed the road onto someone else’s property. Charles killed this one. According to him the rabbit was a streaking blur through thick brush that was juking left and right, even while in the air. Rabbit hunters are worse than fishermen.

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