This and Thats

It’s summer
It’s hot
It’s dry

And I’ve been hearing a lot of tales about snakes.
I haven’t run the Rabbit Journal Pack all summer. Mainly because of the snakes.
The next door neighbor, Drummer Boy’s dad, lost a beautiful blue pitbull to a snakebite. It must have been either a big one or it hit a artery. He died on the edge of the bottom where I usually let the pack chase rabbits. The pitbull was only fifty yards from my dog pens when he was found cold stone dead.
And I killed a small (18inch) timber rattler next to my carport.
I’m trying to decide on using the rattlesnake vaccine or let them take their chances. I know that the vaccine is effective against the western diamondback but not the eastern diamond back. Around here, the rabbit dogs mostly deal with timber rattlers or copperheads. The vaccine has some effectiveness against these snakes.

I had Penny Sue, Sallie Mae, Sister Sissy and Lil Bit spayed last week. That leaves Debra Kay as the only fertile female in the pack. I intend to breed her with Teddy NoPass next year. She should come into heat in late January.

I noticed this article about salmonella poisoning on some people that handled some contaminated dry dog food. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

One thing about it, rabbit hunting ain’t cheap for the dog man. I spend about 1200 a year on feed, and biscuits. That don’t include medical care, heartworm, flea&tick, pine flakes, collars,…….

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