The end of Rabbit Hunting in Alabama

may be near
If you oppose the extension of deer season, I beg you to contact the members of the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) and let them know.
We still stand a chance of stopping this but only if you act

CAB meeting

Alabama Department of Conservation
and Natural Resources

64 N. Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

(334) 242-3486

N. Gunter Guy, Jr.
Commissioner of Conservation

Don’t forget the Governor and Lt Governor

On the next page is the email that I sent
I read on that you plan to extend deer season is pretty much a done deal. And I suspect that this is just a phased roll out for the whole state. I’ve always believed that the wildlife of Alabama belonged to all Alabamians and not just to the State, the Landowners and Deer hunters. and I assumed that the purpose of CAB was to look after all Stakeholders, not just the connected or wealthy

After reading the study on deer extension posted on OutDoors Alabama, I’m surprised at the coming move.

The effect on the small game hunters who will be reduced to two weekends in February devastating and pretty much end small game hunting in Alabama. At that point I to will sell my dogs and join the ranks of the non-hunter

Your own study points out the negative effects on the deer herd

Shooting bred does during the late rut hunt will eliminate the early rut from the gene pool and push the rut later and later

I suspect that the real reason is two fold, money and politics.

I know that you have stated that a hunting season that ends later than nearby states will increase the revenue from out-of-staters.

This will drive up the prices of the leases, pushing more and more middle and low income Alabamians out of hunting while benefiting mostly only the large landowners and making hunting in Alabama for the privileged, connected or wealthy.

I stand opposed to this move


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