Sweeping Declarations

Famous Last Words
Our statements often come back to haunt us
Hey Ya’ll! Watch this
Relax, you can’t get pregnant your first time
This will sting just a little bit
I am never getting drunk again
Just grab him by the tail. They never bite
I’m really quitting smoking this time
We will get 12 to 16 rabbits today

Sweeping declarations have a habit of coming back to bite you on the buttocks. I’m sure Charles Pearson of Pearson’s Action Pack Kennels, purveyor of fine Black and Tan Beagles, is now fully aware of this.

Got a call from Charles late Thursday Night asking if I wanted to hunt with him and some friends from out of town. A spot had opened up late. Charles Pearson of Pearson’s Black and Tan Beagles only hunts with small groups of hunters. So, it was with great relish that I accepted his invitation. Especially after he assured me and the others that we should be in mid teens before lunch

I recognized the spot when we pulled in. Charles and I had hunted this place a year ago. We only killed two but it was an abbreviated hunt near dark. There were pills everywhere on that day.

But this was this year, not last.
After we got the dogs back after they chased across the road, we formed a skirmish line and pushed through the lightly deer hunter thick woods. Most rabbit hunters know there are two types of thickness, Deer Hunter and Rabbit Hunter. They are not even close. Sort of like “ a lot of rabbits”. I suspect that deer hunters see the same rabbit on a regular basis and assume they are eat up with rabbits. Rabbit hunters know better.

Back on topic. The first rabbit flew past me going in the opposite direction from me. He had been jumped by another hunter who had curled in front of me. He stopped and the shot would have been an easy one. Charles had told us not to worry about shooting on the jump. Therer were going to be plenty of rabbits. High teens likely. But, I held off. After that first suspect race, I wanted to put the dogs on a rabbit.
“There he goes! There he goes! Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!, There he goes!” I called out and the dogs soon appeared, but their smellers were broke this morning. Looking at the ground, it appeared that the area had been flooded by a recent rain.

Dyron scored firstrabbit hunt Charles pearson Frank honey hole 006, Followed by Charles rabbit hunt Charles pearson Frank honey hole 015
By lunch time, if memory serves (always suspect in a 63 year old) we had 3.
It was time to move to another spot.
I had hunted with Frank a couple of times in the past, the Cotton Fields comes to mind. He hit a hot streak, that afternoon, rabbit hunt Charles pearson Frank honey hole 027killing three or four with his over-under including the one I missed, twice. Undershooting him the first shot and behind him on the second. I could try to blame my age, but Frank is around my age, that exuse is not any good, nor is the new gun a good excuse since I’ve used it regularly since January.

I wish I could give a final score but I failed to write down the numbers . And did I tell you about my memory?

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