Pookies the limited rematch

or WaterWorld; to late in the day
No not that hunt or this one

I actually thought at one point that my headline would be
“Plunkerrabbit hunt djmed dyron 026 had the high score” which is something I don’t ever recall writing. And I still haven’t
Plunker was highman that morning up until we moved towards what Brag calls waterworld. Waterworld is a long relatively narrow swamp filled with thick briars and rabbits. Every ant mound, log, and stump had buck pills on them. That’s not even mentioning the ones just scattered in the grass.
Brag has no one but himself to blame for the late start there. I offered to start the dogs there the first thing that morning.
The first race that afternoon was near the edge of Waterworld and the rabbit carried the dogs out of hearing twice in different directions. Everyone was pronouncing “Buck”. Turned out it was small cottontail that Brag took plus three or four more to bump Plunker from highman spot

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