I’m the man behind the camera

more than I’m the one getting his picture took.

One of the hardest things to do is get a natural picture. It’s one thing to take a group picture with the days bag, but its quite another to take one of someone with the rabbit they had just killed. Everybody seems to strike the same pose

20160220_121425 20160220_093206 rabbit hunt martin luther king day tornado mlk 013 rabbit hunt richland 005 - CopyI could look back through the archives and find hundreds of pics that are the same.

Of course Middle Boy snapped a picture of me when I was making fun of the pose

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Some times you make them, Sometimes you break them

I remember when we took djmed’s boss on his first rabbit hunt. We took him to Mr. Murphy’s near the old Salem Shotwell Bridge. We broke him.
In hindsight, We should have taken him to a place that was more ameniable to the first time rabbit hunter. Mr. Murphy had someof the toughest cane briars I’ve ever seen. The only way to move around in some sections was to pick up a length of wood, throw it on the briars to bend them over. Raise your foot up high and walk to the piece of wood. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It probably didn’t help that I told him to wlak up about twenty yards. Reflecting on the hunt, I suppose that djmed was lucky he wasn’t fired.

On last Saturday’s hunt we had two newbies, a grown man and a thirteen year old, Gregory.
We had a long race, one where the rabbit circled us twice, once passing immediately behind us undetected. I was to busy watching Gregory fidget and the rabbit was a long way ahead of the dogs.

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Sweeping Declarations

Famous Last Words
Our statements often come back to haunt us
Hey Ya’ll! Watch this
Relax, you can’t get pregnant your first time
This will sting just a little bit
I am never getting drunk again
Just grab him by the tail. They never bite
I’m really quitting smoking this time
We will get 12 to 16 rabbits today

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Heard from Brag

the other day.

Herabbit hunt pookies 049 was supposed to be on his way to Las Vegas with his lovely bride. But I hear tell that she fell sick and they had to put off the trip to March, after rabbit season. I’m still wondering what he put in her food.

Scouting trip

It was good that Middle Boy showed some mercy on the old man today. We, as in Middle Boy and I, went to Buena Vista to hunt 80 acres that will be available to us next year and see if we could find more acerage. With The Alabama Conservation Board becoming more and more the Alabama Deer Hunters Advisory Board, the extension of deer season in the North Zone seems very likely and then the extension until the end of February push will begin.
Middle Boy who will run in the Boston Marathon this year could have easily out paced me, instead he matched his pace to mine and allowed the dogs to hunt. I tend to match my hunting style to who I hunt with. With Brag and Middle Boy, that means a walk them down hunt, where they try to jump the rabbit for the dogs rather than let the dogs hunt

The planted pines were a little past their prime and starting to shade out the briars and brush. The only briars were an abundance of wire briars, just right for garroting those in a hurry or sending you face down. The rest of the property loooked like it was managed for hay with large briar patches near the edges. There were two factors that favored the rabbits. The owner actively worked on coyotes and long lengths of old hog wire. The cottontails had the hog wire down pat. They would scoot to the other side right after being jumped causing the dogs to detour looking for an opening. It didn’t’ take Middle Boy and myself long before one of us just hung out at a patch of hogwire.

“We” killed three little cottontails, or as Charles calls them “hillbillies” out of eight races.
Middle Boy 2
me 1

Pookies the limited rematch

or WaterWorld; to late in the day
No not that hunt or this one

I actually thought at one point that my headline would be
“Plunkerrabbit hunt djmed dyron 026 had the high score” which is something I don’t ever recall writing. And I still haven’t
Plunker was highman that morning up until we moved towards what Brag calls waterworld. Waterworld is a long relatively narrow swamp filled with thick briars and rabbits. Every ant mound, log, and stump had buck pills on them. That’s not even mentioning the ones just scattered in the grass.
Brag has no one but himself to blame for the late start there. I offered to start the dogs there the first thing that morning.
The first race that afternoon was near the edge of Waterworld and the rabbit carried the dogs out of hearing twice in different directions. Everyone was pronouncing “Buck”. Turned out it was small cottontail that Brag took plus three or four more to bump Plunker from highman spot


Our hunt with Dyron was reminiscent of our hunts with the Legend of 315. On 315, even the down hill walks felt like it was uphill. Dadesville wasn’t quite as bad, but close
About the only thing that was exciting besides the one rabbit was a snake Snake in Februarylaying on top of the briars. I announced the his presence I thought quite calmly though someone wanted to know where the little girl had come from. One other thing I noticed was Dyrons shotgun, a .410 with a sawed off barrel. Short, but legal. Charles asked if he could hit a rabbit with it. “Yes was the reply and any dog within five yards.


rabbit hunt djmed dyron 011

The Alabama Deer Hunters Advisory Board meets

The Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) will hold its first scheduled meeting of 2016 on Saturday, February 20, in Montgomery, Ala. The meeting will take place at the Alabama State Capitol Auditorium, 600 Dexter Ave., Montgomery, Ala., 36104. Visitors should use the entrance behind the Capitol on North Union Street.


It used to be at the beginning of February. Then they extended the deer season, so they moved it to late February so that the deer hunters could attend.  Small game hunters won’t because we can finally get into the woods and don’t want to give up one of best Saturdays