One thing about being the dogman

When all the other hunters are already home, showered and sipping a hot toddy while their adoring spouse massages their feet while listening with rapt attention as the hunter tells of his rough day, the dogman is still busy feeding and ministering his charges. And when I finish up, GF mostly tells me in reply to my stories of the day, “Did you say something?”

My cell rang as I hotfooted it up 51 towards Opelika. It was Middle Boy wanting to know where I was. I knew I wasn’t late.
“ I think I’m out of gas”
Like me, Middle Boy has a thing for old vehicles that are on their last legs. The insurance is cheaper as is the vehicle tax

Some might regard todays hunt in Chamber County, Alabama as a bust. I could see why. Two rabbits with only four races is not something you want to brag about. But I have to tell you that when the rabbits are killed by the kids on the hunt, it’s a sucess
One Dawg brought some guests today, three pre-teats and as usual, I forgot their names within minutes. His three along with Middle Boy, our resident pre-teat Dillo so named for his penchant of laying waste to the resident herds of armadillos that roam Plunkers place and myself, rimfire your host rounded out the group. One Dawg is the in house mouth piece for The Rabbit Journal.
For those of you that don’t know, the term “teat” as applied to the young hunters was first applied to Dusty 1 and his side kick Tyler long ago. Now they are in the “Young Buck” category. A “teat” is young men who generally have a best friend that hunts with them on a regular basis. So, like a womans breast, if you see one, you generally see the other.

Will killed one on a fine shot

Dillo took 5 shots to kill his rabbit today. For$ale, the little five month old puppy, pushed it out of some bushes next to a fire break for Dillo to fire his last three shots at him. Rabbits are a little harder to kill then armadillos I had offered For$ale to One Dawg for $75 and services rendered, but after this I figure to up the price by twenty five.

So, where are the pictures?
You get what you pay for and I didn’t pay much at all for this Sanyo, so I didn’t get much..

The last rabbit hunt of 2010 is in the books

Final Score
Will 1 for 1

Top Dog
Samuel P Thumbsucker
Dillo 1 for 7

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  1. Went out for the first of 2011 Monday. Got two ran three swampers, had a guest ruin one with a 3" chambered Stevens 20ga. side by side. Then he left it on my truck and left! Second race lasted more than 1 1/2 hours, it was getting personal when I got him with my chinese rabbit eared SxS 410. Dogs had begun their third race when the rest of the party wanted to change land…..then nothing.

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