One streak resumes

and another ends.
Thursday, I was hunting with Charles, Dyron, James and Dave again in Tuskegee.

It should have been a easy shot. True, I was looking in the wrong direction, but still a rabbit on a slow lope down the middle of a firebreak.
I tried to be cute and shoot the nose off of him. I fired the wrong barrel and dirt kicked up in just past his head. I quickly lined up for a center mass shot as the rabbit continued his slow lope. I squeezed the trigger. I squeezed it harder. Still nothing.
Panic set in and I fumbled for the unfired barrel’s trigger.
The rabbit cut right and the dirt flew from yet another errant shot.
I heard Dyron shout. He thought I had killed the rabbit, not realizing that my legendary shooting skills, or lack of, had came back with a vengeance.

“Coming straight at you, Dyron”
I thought that Dyron was going to kiss me, he was so glad I had missed. The last few hunts I had been on with him had afforded precious few shots and even those were misses. Don’t get me wrong, both Dyron and Charles are cracker jack shots and are usually in competition for high man. But we all have our streaks, like Dyron missing or me hitting.


Still, I closed out the day with 2.
Don’t believe me?

Final Score
Dave 1
Dyron 1
rimfire 2
What, those two I filmed, don’t count?

ps, I’m still trying to decide if using gps trackers on the dogs is cheating by giving an unfair advantage to the dogmen in knowing exactly where they are in relation to the dogs and the track the rabbit is taking





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