Nothing to do with Rabbit hunting, but

this was written when I still maintained a state political blog

Widgets USA

A wholly owned subsidiary of redneckin enterprises

I’m thinking of opening a widget factory to manufacture good, honest, made in the USA widgets if the tech worker plan goes through. Since it’s easier to get government contracts if widgets are made domestically, I’ll approach some relatively poor county or  city and offer to bring my widget production plant there….if they give me some incentives and tax breaks at taxpayer expense.

I know that widget makers in the USA make $20 an hour. When it’s time to hire my widget makers, I’ll trot down to the state employment office
and tell them how many widget makers I need and that I’m willing to pay  them $12 an hour. Very few domestic widget makers that meet my
qualifications will be willing to work for $12 an hour (they might not now but they will ), so I contact Friendly Freddies International House
of Workers and tell him how many widget makers I need and how much I’ll pay. Freddie lines up widget makers in foreign countries, who are
trained or can be trained to make my widgets and are willing to spend up to 6 years living in the US working for $12 an hour. All the while dreaming of getting their green card or at least give birth before having to leave.

Cool huh? The Republicans business friends get their cheap labor, needed since there is a limit to productivity increases, Democrats get what
they perceive as potential new Democrat voters to lead us on to some “Progressive™” utopia and we, the Citizens, get screwed having to compete against cheap foreign labor in our own country.

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