My string of consecutive hunts

without missing was continued on Saturday’s hunt.

Put together at the last minute, only Brag, Plunker and myself attended. I called Hover late Friday, but hung up when I got the voice mail. Dustin, Cuz’s grandson told me he would be there, but he is 19 and it was a Friday night.

We ran three dogs, Sammie, Lucy and Katie. And had some great races at the front of our hunting lease on a pine plantation near Seale, Alabama.


Plunker was 1 for 2 as was Brag.
Me, Rimfire,

Never dropped the hammer on a shell.
The only rabbit I saw was a gray blur through some sweet gum saplings. But, at least I didn’t miss.


We started at one of the Florida Boys stands near the front gate. We’ve had some good luck there, though it’s a hillside thick with pine saplings leading down into a hardwood bottom that is bordered by a paved road. We’ve never had a rabbit cross that road. Good thing. Logging trucks pass by on a regular basis. Nothing can ruin a rabbit season, not to mention a pack of not street wise rabbit dogs, than a logging truck.

Plunker started us off with a nice buck rabbit that he shot with a old .410. I was busy trying to keep Sammie off of Sally while putting her back into the box. She was still in heat and Sammie for the first time was showing some interest. Ok, a lot of interest. About like a 16 year old boy.


Brag missed his first shot, but killed a small buck later in the race.


Soon after, Lucy was running one rabbit while Katie ran another, before joining back up later. Deprived of Sally, Sammie ran with Katie and Lucy, and was sounding off with his deep voice. We didn’t get that rabbit though it wasn’t for the lack of trying. It’s still tough with the leaves still on the brush to see a rabbit in time to shoot.

Before calling it a day, we tried a newly ( a year and a half ago) thinned area with some new brush in it. This time Sammie sat in the box while Sallie got to go.
No rabbits.
The sign was there, but Katie and Lucy were tired and not really hunting. We’ll try it again some early morning.

Any of you fungus (fungi?) experts able to name these?



7 thoughts on “My string of consecutive hunts

  1. Ain’t killed a dog yet though I have thought about it a time or two.

    Oh wait, I forgot about Sugar. That was an extreme case. And I will shoot one that is hurt bad.

    If you’re asking how much for a rabbit dog that is broke in, I’ll leave that to some of the breeders. I won’t have any for a year.

  2. Hmmm, four or five a day.

    It runs in cycles, both the natural rabbit cycle and the local cover/food/predator cycle.

    On good land it’s sometimes double digits, but good land is hard to get onto till after the tree sitters quit at the end of January

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