Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt XIII

MLK Day 2015 was pretty good. Wasn’t as good as some and certainly wasn’t as bad as whole bunch of them.

I didn’t have much to do with this hunt. Dylan got the land.
Plunker brought the usual stew and bbq
All I had to do was bring the fish fryer so Plunker could heat the food up.
And even then he had to make a special trip back to rabbit Run to pick it up in front of the barn where I left it.

Our Host Dylan
His gf
His Brother Sebastian
Their friend Clay
Middle Boy
Plunker who supplies our lunch every MLK day
and a surprise guest
me! I had been telling everybody that it was doubtful if I would be hunting at all this year much less the annual Martin Luther King Day Memorial Rabbit. Hunt


The first rabbit got away. We were near a busy two lane road. I was sweating bullets as vehicles whizzed by with the rabbit leading the dogs along the base of an embankment that lead up to the road.
On the second circle, I called the dogs off. Nothing ruins your day like a logging truck and a pack of beagles on the blacktop trying to pick up the trail.
Plunker Blinked

And I couldn’t find my safety
First the rabbit shot past Plunker before he could even react. I picked at him a little as I ran up the road to where I was sure the rabbit was going to cross into a third patch of woods. As the rabbit shot back across the road behind me, I fumbled with the gun before finally getting a embarrassing shot into the dirt in front of witnesses.
It was a good morning as Brag killed the first rabbit,


quickly followed by Clay.


Then Dylan


and again Clay.


The Rabbit Journal Pack ran well and, by lunch time, we were 4 for 5.

I asked everyone to take plenty of pictures They did


And email them to me. They didn’t

After a lunch of stew and q, I decided that I could spare an extra hour before I had to hit the road to Rabbit Run.

It takes 2 to tango

As Plunker and I talked about other things, I decided I knew about where the rabbit was going to try to cross back. I was close to being right. I spotted him sitting on the furthermost trail from me, just as be turned to go back in the direction he had came from. He had saw me before I saw him. The shot was longer than I was comfortable with, but that had never stopped me before. At the report the big buck leaped straight up in the air, flipping over as he came down. I took my eye off of him as I pumped and stepped up onto the pine straw covered ground as he sailed past me. My next shot was behind him as he came out onto the road. I tracked him and could see Plunker dancing around trying to figure out which way to go to get out of my line of fire. I held up and lowered my gun as I jumped to the side the rabbit had just came from because Plunkers gun was coming up. The rabbit turned just as he got to Plunker who’s first shot was behind him. Plunker sent two more shots after him as he ran through the woods. The dogs crossed and all was quite. Last man to shoot claims the kill.


As I walked back to the truck with a limping Penny Sue following, I could hear another race starting up

Final score
Clay 2
Dylan 1
Brag 1
Plunker 1

Sebastian, Middle Boy and me….. Well, it’s good just to get out into the woods, with friends and get away,,,,,yada yada yada……


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