Lucy “the nose” Lu

has passed at the tender age of 11.

She was a goodun. The best rabbit dog in these parts. Wouldn’t run nothing but a rabbit, why everybody says so.

Enough of the bs. She was a goodun, but she did have her flaws such as refusing to come in until she was good and ready.

She ran her first rabbit by herself at the age of 12 weeks and turned into the best “water” dog around. She would have been a champion except for those short legs. She born with a nose that can smell where the rabbit is thinking about going tomorrow, yesterday and legs so short they would embarrass a basset hound. Not only was she slow a foot, she tended to announce “the rabbit stepped here four hours ago, then here, then here then here,……..” Still, she was such a pretty puppy

Rest now girl until I catch up

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