Jeremiah was pretty jealous

Over the years, I’ve had a problem with timber rattlers in the dog pens. A few of  the pack has been bitten. I finally gave up and wrapped all the pens in 1/4 inch hardware cloth. DSCN3931

I haven’t had a problem with timber rattlers since.  Copperheads are a different matter. I haven’t seen one in over ten years here on Rabbit Run. I’ve killed two this year

Jeremiah was pretty jealous when I went to the pens just before lunch today because the dogs were raising cain. Teddy NoPass had a copperhead hemmed up in a corner and wouldn’t let him into Jeremiah’s pen. I shot it with the .45 Judge I carry loaded with .410 #6 shotDSCN3935

I’ll keep an eye on Teddy. It looked like he had a bite on the bridge of his nose but no symptoms of a bite

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