I took GF out for a Valentines Day lunch.

She enjoyed that more than a dinner this evening, since it’s a treat for her to see me during daylight hours on a weekend in February. I told her “See how much I love you that I would sacrifice one of my last few days of rabbit hunting for you?” She said “Give me a break. It’s pouring down rain. The dogs would have to swim after the rabbits.”

But I could tell that she was deeply moved. Almost as moved as last year when we upgraded our relationship to a “understanding” from our 5 year “permanent date”. The exact details of the “understanding” will have to be determined at a later date. That date should be at least a year or so before we upgrade our relationship to “pre-engagement” staus, for a yet to be determined duration.

Speaking of Sea Hares, I saw the term and I thought I had found me a new sport though I wasn’t to sure what breed of dog to run (swim?) them. Then I found out it was some type of slug. I suppose that you could use some of those shells loaded with rock salt like Mr. Newsome used to chase coons, possums and twelve year old boys out of his watermelon field. Dang it bur

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