Happy Anniversary, GF

And a happy Valentines Day, too.

Remember, you have only yourself to blame for scheduling our wedding in the middle of rabbit season. I hope you enjoy the day. I’ll see you after today’s rabbit hunt at Pookies.

But I do have to tell the faithful readers, that I have stayed home on our anniversary as this quote from a previous post proves

“I took GF out for a Valentines Day lunch.
She enjoyed that more than a dinner this evening, since it’s a treat for her to see me during daylight hours on a weekend in February. I told her “See how much I love you that I would sacrifice one of my last few days of rabbit hunting for you?”
She said “Give me a break. It’s pouring down rain. The dogs would have to swim after the rabbits.””

And contrary to popular belief, I didn’t hunt the morning of the wedding though I did hunt for the two days before as noted in this post
“I have to attend to some health matters in Opelika today. I get the results of the needle biopsy and acat scan on my neck today.

I told GF and her mom that I get the results of the needle biopsy and cat scan on my neck today and if I get the results that Dr. Blythe expects then there really is no reason to hurry up the ma..mar..marri..dang, the ocassion since I might live a good while. All that seemed to do was to put them into high gear in making the arrangements. It seems that they’ve forgotten the proper steps to all this.

Gf has bought a dress for the occasion and got the permit, not to mention arranging for the preacher. It looks like it will be on Monday, so as not to interfere with rabbit season. The reception will be the first weekend in March for the same reason.

I was hauled around to various stores yesterday on the theory that I can’t wear jeans or camo. I tried to put my foot down about wearing a tie but gf promptly put hers down on top. I won’t be buried wearing one but it looks like I have very little choice in anything related to the we wed er mar marri dang, the matters at hand

I’ve learned I have only one true function in all this and that’s to show up. I’ve received strict orders to not be one of the briar bitches on the rabbit hunts this week and weekend. Something about giving the scratches on my face and neck time to heal before the ceremony and picture taking.”

And to further explain our relationship (I have a ton of other stories that are archived away) there is this post

I’ve tried to tell her that if she had worn a dab of Hoppe’s #9 instead of CHANEL 5, I might have married her sooner. That’s if someone else hadn’t already snagged her up. And just look at all the aggravation it would have saved her mother from worrying about GF becoming an old maid,

Gf decided to strike while the iron was hot, wanting to get married within a week or two of the “decision”, a decision she wasn’t willing to grant me a reprieve from when we found out that I would live for a while longer. She said “To heck with a wedding, lets just go to the justice of the peace.”
I tried to hold out for a respectable period of time for the engagement.
You know, like a couple of years, so she could enjoy wearing her engagement ring.

I had always moved our relationship along in proper sequence as we “upgraded”.
We upgraded our relationship to a “understanding” from our 5 year “permanent date” several years ago. The exact details of the “understanding” were to have been determined at a later date.
The “understanding” was to have lasted at least a year or so before we upgraded our relationship to “pre-engagement” status, for a yet to be determined duration, followed by a suitably long engagement to determine if we were compatible or not.

And, by the way, the reason we decided to get married is not for what some have alluded to. She had her sixteenth birthday long ago. Just not as long ago as mine.

Some of you know that it is a fairly large age gap. Some might even call it a generational gap.
Another way to put it is the way a friend did, “Well, if you couldn’t get it right the first couple of times, maybe it is best to grow your own.”

But despite, Ms Janis’s assertion that I was marrying a 22 year old and someone else wondering how I could have such a good looking cousin (was that you Richard?), GF was neither related or still in her twenties. We dated most of that decade.

Now GF says there are all kinds of benefits to being married to me. For instance, I can get her the “Silver” benefits of free checks and stuff at the bank. And senior coffee at Mc Donalds. And don’t forget all the AARP benefits. Plus, she doesn’t have to worry about my mid life crisis since she was it.

Gone rabbit hunting
Back tonight

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