First 2016 hunt at Pookies

Pookies was eat up with rabbits as usual. We had four of the teats as guests along with Sebastians two dogs, Belle and Dixie. Actually, Dixie belonged to Dylan, Sebasitans brother and former teat, who is currently enrolled at the University of South Carolina.The gang of idiots
Our host was djmed, purveyor of fine silk screened t’shirts and other items for Master Graphics that catered to the students of Auburn University.

We had a quick start with a rabbit almost taking the dogs out of hearing, only coming back as I nervously fingered the remote control for the electronic pine limb. The electronic pine limb is heads and shoulders above the old version of a real pine limb in that you no longer had to be within a pinelimb reach of the offending dog.

I was 1 for three on the day, carrying my current streak of not being able to make easy shots. One miss came after I heard Sebastian tell his dad, Tony in a stage whisper, “There he goes”. I was looking up the hill where I was sure he would go only to see him hard over my left shoulder. Standing inbetween two small pines I couldn’t swing the Yildiz around , so I tried to bring it up and over only to get tangled in some muscadine vines that I jerked repeatedly trying to free the 20ga. I ended up putting a load of shot into the bush he disappeared into.

The only rabbit I killed was a little sager or, as Charles Pearson calls them, a “HillBilly” that tried to sneak out. I was surprised that I hit him to tell you the truth. It wasn’t a hard shot, but the slump I’ve been in is for real.

The next miss was a total embarrassment. In a small patch of woods, one rabbit had been killed when another rabbit ran past me only five yards away. I hit the ground between him and me. The worst thing about it was djmed was standing there watching me miss before he killed the rabbit. His shot was harder than mine since he was doubled up laughing.djmed with rabbit I tried to tell djmed that I was just trying to speed up the rabbit so it would be more sporting when he killed it but he was having none of that.
Then I heard Dilla the armadilla killa say, Mr. Louie coming at you. The rabbit hopped across the trail and stopped behind a tree. I put the gun up and waited for him to stick his nose out. And waited. And waited. And waited. I don’t know where he went, but he went he did and the dogs couldn’t pick up the trail.

Dilla and Sebastian Dilla with both halves of the rabbit he and Sebastian sharedshared a kill since the rabbit died in a combined flurry of shots that would have made a very crunchy stew that would have done justice to Flint Michigan.

rabbit hunt pookies 004We had a guest, Don who killed his first over dogs. He was carefully coached on what to say. Never admit the rabbit was sitting still. Instead he was running wide open, juking left and right, even while in the air. From the tale he told, I would say he learned the lesson well.

MiddleBoy was high man for the day even though he inherited most of his shooting skills from moi. Being related to me, he had no need for coaching on what to say when he killed a rabbit though he doesn’t get a lot of practice. And he is not shy about busting caps with nothing to show for it.

Final Score
Rabbits 9
Hunters 11

MiddleBoy 3
Brag 2
rimfire 1
Darren 1
Troy 1
Sebastien 1 ½
Dilla ½
Don 1
Brannon and Brandon,,, well, you know I don’t keep count

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