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I recently received a private missive from inquiring about summer exercise land and hunts during the season. I won’t, can’t reveal the details of the note without the writers permission, but it brings up some thoughts that I have been having regarding the state of small game hunting in Alabama

While the wildlife of Alabama belongs to the citizens of Alabama, they have little actual control or enjoyment because the majority of the land is private land that is leased out to those who will pay the most. And that is Deer/turkey hunters with a large portion of them being non resident.
Most leases in Alabama are controlled by deer/turkey hunters who don’t want small game hunters on the property before after during or between seasons. Add to that Plum Creek’s attitude and you’ll find that Uncle NoPass who often said that “deers will be the ruination of hunting” was right as he was about so many things

It is my opinion that the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board is firmly in the grasp of the deer and turkey hunters.
The first meeting of CAB (Alabama Conservation Advisory Board) every year is in February. That shows you how much respect we get. Many small game hunters have to wait every year till Deer season ends on the 31 of January to get into the woods. If you are religious and worship on Sundays, then to attend the centrally located meeting in Montgomery, you have to give up 1 of the 4 Saturdays that you have to hunt or 25% of your hunting time.
Every CAB meeting has deer hunters wanting the season extended into February which would be the final nail in small game hunting.
Personally, I wish that deer seasons ending would be rolled back to 15 January if not the 2.

Phenix City has a several mile border on the Chattahoochee River but has not one single public access point.

Forever Wild is a state project that I’ve read about but has no effect on the area I live and hunt in.

Nor is there any any public land beyond the Corp of Engineer land, ( 4. With the exception of waterfowl retrieval, hunting of any kind with dogs is prohibited on Corps managed property.. ),
Eufalua Wildlife Refuge, (Rabbit and squirrel hunting is allowed during the state season in February on designated Alabama portions of the refuge. Dogs are not permitted. Shotguns using non-toxic shot are required. Possession of lead shot is prohibited.),
Tuskegee National Forest (One of the smallest National Forests at 10,358 acres . It is hunted to death with only a few suitable areas for rabbit hunting.)

4 thoughts on “Finding land, private or public

  1. I’m down to two places to hunt during deer season, only one being private. I’m also down to only to other after deer season spots only big enough to support two days tops each.

  2. Kevin Newsom

    How many on here rabbit hunts at Tuskegee? I have been down here for almost a year and run there but have never seen anyone hunting there. But still very few rabbits. Its just a close place to run for me.

  3. Well, I’m new to the site and I grew up just a few minutes up the road from the Ridge Grove Fire Department. I knew Mr. Smith who used to own the store across the street when I was young.

    Anyway, it’s getting almost impossible to small game hunt ANYWHERE let alone our area. If it wasn’t for the very small private acreage that my family owns I would have no place to hunt at all.

    The big deer and turkey clubs have leased out everything and won’t even allow most to hunt even after deer season ends. There is the WMA land out in Tuskegee and other counties but there is no telling where a high powered rifle carrying deer hunter will be while you are out there. You don’t want to ruin his hunt and more importantly you don’t want to be shot.

    Most of the deer clubs who lease up all the land are not even from our area so how did they manage to lease all the land before we did? haha. You gotta find the irony in that one. I guess maybe they paid the big bucks. Personally, I would like to take a shot at leasing a large tract of land next year that we could use before the deer clubs got them all.

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