Deer season is over (almost)

Long live rabbit season
At least as long as the Alabama CAB lets us

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Some advice for you tree sitters
Call a local rabbit hunter and set up a hunt on your property. You can’t find a better way to scout. And you might find out why you didn’t get that big buck this year. What you see will probably surprise you as you walk places on your property that you never have before.
When I was still deer hunting, I hunted one big buck for a couple of years without success. One day we were rabbit hunting near the stand. As I walked down the trail in the thick briars, big rubs were on most of the young trees. I looked straight ahead and was staring eye level at the trees that I sat in. He was seeing me a long time before I would have seen him.
Another time we were invited on to some property and our host was moaning about the lack of big bucks and big sign on it. As we worked a near impenetrable thicket, we came across sign. You should have seen our hosts jaw drop when we showed him.

Most deer hunters have vision of the deer fleeing for it’s life, eyes rolled back in fear with the dogs snapping at its rear with the deer never to return. If that worked, my pea patch would be safe instead of being ravaged on a annual basis. And most rabbit hunters will get rid of a dog he can’t break from running trash. Trash being defined as anything besides a rabbit.
NO, it won’t run the deer off. At least more than a few hours.
Middle Boy has often killed deer on property that we run repeatedly. Last Saturday and Sunday he killed nice bucks at Plunker’s place. And we had rabbit hunted that Saturday.


We have one club that invites us occasionally when the deer go nocturnal. They let us run the thick briars and thickets while they set in nearby areas waiting for the deer to ease out of our way.
Another club let us hunt in the middle of the week and sometimes mid days on Saturdays’. We passed on tips about what we saw and where.

It’s best to develop a friendship early though. Once February starts, we generally have all the land we want. There are only four Saturday’s in the month and, some like me, won’t hunt on Sundays. If you want to hunt during the week, in Russell, Lee, Macon or Chambers county, email me and I’ll see if I can work you in. Don’t expect that you will tell the dogman, just him and his dogs are welcome. In most cases that won’t fly. I like 8 or less hunters with four rabbit hunters and four host. Some are willing to hunt with more.

So, call a rabbit hunter. What are the two worst things that could happen?

One is you might find that you enjoy it though it is a lot more physical than what most tree sitters are used to.
Two is that if you bring a kid, they sometimes find it down right addictive. I’ve had a couple of fathers say that I have ruined their children on deer hunting. They would ask the kids if they wanted to deer hunt on Saturday and the kid would reply”Let me see if Mr. Louie is going to run rabbits”

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