Contrary to popular belief

Dillo’s new rabbit dog isn’t called “Bo” because he’s to stupid to answer to “Bob”. As a matter of fact, I would say he is a pretty smart dog, he has Dillo and his family pretty well trained.
For instance, he knows that if he barks long enough and loud enough somebody will take him in the house or let him ride in the front.

Today’s rabbit hunt at the late Mr Murphy’s property near the site of the old Salem-Shotwell covered bridge was a good one. A lot better than the one Brag and I had a couple of weeks ago when we had one short race..
Dillo and Middle Boy’s Only Boy stayed the night with me so that we could meet up with Dusty1, Cuz’s grandson for the last hunt of their Christmas vacation.
Dillo was the hunt master and quite quickly we were on our first rabbit that Dusty1 kicked out from a piece of a old out house. Yep, we were running one of Mr. Murphy’s yard rabbits.
Hey, we’re desperate. This season has totally sucked. Killing two rabbits on a all day hunt is considered a great success. Heck, killing one rabbit out of several races at Mr. Murphy’s is considered a good day.

Dillo killed that first rabbit. He said it took two shots though he hit it with his first because it was a reflex action brought on by missing so many of his other first shots.
Boy, do I need a new camera

Another rabbit was soon on the run, but the pack lost him after a short race.
Sammie P Thumbsucker has really come on this year. And his two sidekicks, Blondie and Teddy NoPass, the two male puppies that I keep in his pen, are making great strides

And the female puppy, For $ale, that I keep with the fertile females is also coming on.
One of the puppies started a race after our tailgate lunch. I’m not sure which, but they are all doing good.

One thing about Dillo is that he tries to be slick. I broke him of cutting me off (yeah I know) by reminding him that I Could forget to invite him on some hunts.

Only Boy had to follow me through the briars and brambles because the Rabbit Journal pack tended to stay with me. Well, Penny Sue, Lil Bit, Sally Mae, tend to hunt close. Sammie P and crew hunt where they wish. Finally, Dillo said that he would stay with Only Boy on a fire break so that I could lead the dogs into the brush. It was only a few minutes later when I was hopelessly tangled up in cane briars, vine briars and reeds did it dawn on me why Dillo had become so solicitous about Only Boy

In addition to a new camera, I need to remember my rules on picture taking

Final score
Dillo 1 for 5 shots
Heh! I watched his shot kick dust behind the last rabbit at least three times.
But that’s still better than me. I haven’t dropped the hammer in 5 hunts now

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