The end of Rabbit Hunting in Alabama

may be near
If you oppose the extension of deer season, I beg you to contact the members of the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) and let them know.
We still stand a chance of stopping this but only if you act

CAB meeting

Alabama Department of Conservation
and Natural Resources

64 N. Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

(334) 242-3486

N. Gunter Guy, Jr.
Commissioner of Conservation

Don’t forget the Governor and Lt Governor

On the next page is the email that I sent
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The end is nigh

The small game hunters are being sold out by ADCNR Commissioner N. Gunter Guy Jr.
It is being reported that while small game hunters are finally in the woods, Guy will be at the CAB meeting proposing that deer season for southwest Alabama until 10 February
As a bone to small game hunters the season in SW Alabama will close for 10 days in the first two weeks of December.
Yeah, like any of the leases will let small game hunters on the property then.

Gunter Guy is well known for his attitude that the game animals in Alabama are Not to provide pleasure for the citizens of Alabama, but to generate revenue for the state.

The arrogance of deer hunters is unbelievable.
It’s against the law to bait deer in Alabama, but the deer hunters not only openly flout the law, they pour it out b the 55 gallon drum directly under their stand and shoot whatever deer appe=ars to eat it. And the deer are quite desperate to find something to eat in some of these pine plantations.
What is the Alabama conservation Advisory Boards reaction?
They are looking to make it legal.
Deer hunters have no ethics

The arrogance of deer hunters is unbelievable
They don’t want any small game hunters hunting before the season, after the season and as Cab will find out, between deer season. Deer hunters have all the technological advantages over deer, scent blockers, camo, corn, deer calls, sophisticated low light scopes, accurate rifles to kill deer at extreme distances But they also want time.They want to hunt all possible ruts so that it is easier to kill a big buck.
The aim is not to kill a big buck in the most sporting way, but to kill it the easiest way
The CAB will not stop in South West Alabama with February the 10. The CAB will extend it both in date and region.

While the deer hunters want to kill the deer in the easiest manner, some on the CAB want to use deer as a revenue enhancer.
I would suggest that the Alabama citizen beware, Tehy don’t spend enough money

Good News from the Alabama House

Note from Corky Pugh of Hunters United Now and Tomorrow (H.U.N.T) Alabama. H.U.N.T. is an advocacy group that lobbies in the Legislature for sound public policy on hunting issues.

Late yesterday afternoon, the February bill in the House came up for a vote. It was soundly voted down, failing to even get past the stage of a BIR (Budget Isolation Resolution) vote, which is required procedurally for a bill to be brought to the body for a vote. The champions of the common man in this matter were Speaker Mike Hubbard, Reps. Chad Fincher, Randy Davis, Thomas Jackson, and others. These statesmen clearly understand that the Legislature does not want to wade off into the quicksand of tinkering with seasons and limits.

Sometimes the process actually works. Don’t underestimate your impact in coming to Montgomery to testify. The Senate bill is still viable, so……..

Ever vigilant. Corky

Remember, if you live in Tom Whatley’s district, remember to vote against him in the next election cycle

Update on Bills HB440 and SB 359 to extend deer season

HB440 was sponsored by Representative Harry Shiver (R)
(Baldwin, Conecuh, Escambia, and Monroe)

SB359 was sponsored by Senator Tom Whatley (R)
(Lee, Russell, Tallapoosa)

We need to remember these two when election time rolls around. So, if you are a small game hunter, married to a deer hunter and getting sick and tired of the time 4 months spent away or just think that everyone deserves a chance to utilize our wildlife, remember to vote. I know that Tom Whatley needn’t expect me and mine’s vote. I never thought I would see the day I would favor a democrat over a republican, but there it is

I received this update from Corky Pugh of H.U.N.T. after the open hearing on HB440

The fact that the bill was carried over is a very good thing. You did a very good job yesterday; as I told you, the members of the legislature listen to somebody like you more than they listen to Tim Gothard or me. I talked to Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey today about the Senate bill, and she has a very clear understanding of the problems associated with legislatively established hunting seasons. There are lots of high priced lobbyists hovering around the season bill and the bait bill–ALFA and others at work.

The hearing was interesting
A representative of the National Wildlife Association spoke in opposition. Not a member, a representative.
Corky Pugh spoke in opposition
Then a businessman spoke in favor, if not the whole state then at least half the state and if not half the state then at least around his business which was putting on deer shoots.
Then I mumbled and stuttered through my spiel.
Then Rep Shiver spoke. Most of what he said was this thing has been studied to death and the CAB (conservation advisory board) still wouldn’t do anything. I think the “anything” he was talking about was giving him what he wanted. And since they didn’t, they weren’t doing anything. He also called for members of the CAB to be replaced by some people who would.

Important Actions on Alabama’s Goat Hill

Those Alabama politicians meeting in Montgomery, Alabama are at it again, trying to extend deer season into February

Just wanted to be sure y’all knew about the public hearing tomorrow in the Alabama legislature regarding HB440 by Representative Shiver. The bill extends deer season two weeks into February and excludes “hunting with dogs”. I testified against the companion bill in the Senate March 7th, and reminded the members of the committee that there are over 18,000 rabbit hunters and 37,000 squirrel hunters in Alabama. They postponed any vote on the bill that day. As you know, it is a huge step backwards for the legislature to start setting seasons by statute. The public hearing is at 11:00a.m. in room 418 of the statehouse.
Ever vigilant,
Corky Pugh

A paraphrase of the email I sent to the Senate agriculture committee on SB 359 and the House committee on HB 440

1. It would end small game hunting in Alabama.
2. It would establish a precedent of lawmakers bypassing established boards who consider all aspects of usage in favor of political gain by favoring one group over another.
3. It would ignore the CAB and Natural Resources recent study, which I strongly encourage you to read
4. It would preempt the study on fawn mortality that is underway
5. Contrary to the opinion of many, wildlife does not belong to the landowner or lease holder. Wildlife belongs to all the citizens of Alabama. Our hunting numbers are dwindling as the cost of hunting leases skyrocket. This bill will drive myself and others from the sport and turn us against hunting in general I believe that eventually we will reach a point where hunting seasons, if allowed, are under the control of urban politicians or the populace at large

The “Rabbit Hunter”

aka Rinard Leonard of the Montgomery Beagle Boys made the “Outdoor Alabama” in a story on the last CAB meeting titled “Board Takes Cautious Approach to February Season”
“By an overwhelming margin, people who participated in public testimony at last weekend’s Alabama Conservation Advisory Board meeting in Vestavia expressed opposition to the extension of deer season into February.
It was also obvious the Advisory Board and N. Gunter Guy Jr., Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), plan to proceed with caution concerning any extension of deer season.”

Of course, all that means squat, if Senate Bill 124 becomes law.

Alabama Senate Bill 124 and its companion bill

in the Alabama House of Representatives are bad bills.
They only marginally help deer hunters to hunt a late rut,the stated purpose that most deer hunters say is their reason for an extension into February
The bills could have a negative impact on Alabama deer herd
The bills will have a dramatic impact on small game hunters, virtually eliminating them from the state
The bills could drive even more hunters in Alabama from the blood sports.

The bill to allow baiting and a season extension is nothing, but an end run on the Alabama Conservation Board’s (CAB) authority to set bag limits, hunting seasons, and hunting practices. Read More

The end run

on the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board by politicians on Goat Hill with SB124 continues.
The Bill has been passed out of committee and sent to the Senate floor.

According to Paul Bussman, State Senator, District 4, replied “Mr. Guy said that he would not be able to provide us with the info he suggested until the 2012 session. The committee did pass the bill out of committee so it could be discussed on the Senate floor if the Rules committee chose to allow it.”

My question is “How can you discuss it if you don’t have any data to discuss?”

History for SB124 (Regular Session 2011)

03/01/2011 Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry
03/24/2011 Read for the second time and placed on the calendar with 1 substitute and
Pending third reading on day 8 Favorable from Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry with 1 substitute
Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry first Substitute Offered

Nay 2 Yea 5 Abs 1