I had a choice

closing out the 2014-2015 rabbit season here in Alabama or attending the Alabama Deer Hunters Advisory Board (aka Alabama Conservation Advisory Board, CAB)
No, not really.
It doesn’t matter if a small game hunter attends the Alabama CAB. They don’t care what we say and their sole interest is in increasing the revenue into Alabama by bringing in out of state hunters by making things easier for the deer hunters.

We hit our first and only double digit hunt this year as a guest of djmed on Pookies in Chambers county

Details later after I decompress


On Thursday

it was cottontails on high ground at the Tornado property in Chambers county with Brag and Plunker.


Then this morning it was cottontails in the pines in Tuskegee with Brent and Brag.


Then in the afternoon it was chasing bucks in a swamp


I haven’t written

about the last three hunts. That’s mostly because they really sucked.
Well, the Thursday hunt with Charles wasn’t bad. We were two for three, though mine was a jumped rabbit when I was trying to ccut off the other rabbit.


Final score
Charles 1
rimfire 1

The following Saturday’s hunt in Cussetta was pretty bad. One rabbit.
The habitat was great. Young pines filled with briars and honeysuckle bordered by a pecan orchard filled with green grass and a home overlooking to help keep coyotes at bay.
Not a pill.
We finally scored when we went into a wet bottom filled with palmetto



brag 1
rimfire who counts

Then on Tuesday, Brag and I went to Plunkers. It was pretty much just a long walk in the woods

Everybody needs a Pookies

Before Pookies, it was Mr. Murphy’s. Briars and vines so thick and so tangled, as to make even the rabbits cry uncle.
It tests you and your dogs mettle. Do you want to rabbit hunt or do you want a walk in the park? If you are not willing to get in the tough, then you may as well take up (shudder) golf.

We were 5 for 14 with two of those being misses. Well, One, anyway. Mine was a total miss. Plunker’s was a little different.

Djmed connected

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Happy Anniversary, GF

And a happy Valentines Day, too.

Remember, you have only yourself to blame for scheduling our wedding in the middle of rabbit season. I hope you enjoy the day. I’ll see you after today’s rabbit hunt at Pookies.

But I do have to tell the faithful readers, that I have stayed home on our anniversary as this quote from a previous post proves

“I took GF out for a Valentines Day lunch.
She enjoyed that more than a dinner this evening, since it’s a treat for her to see me during daylight hours on a weekend in February. I told her “See how much I love you that I would sacrifice one of my last few days of rabbit hunting for you?”
She said “Give me a break. It’s pouring down rain. The dogs would have to swim after the rabbits.””

And contrary to popular belief, I didn’t hunt the morning of the wedding though I did hunt for the two days before as noted in this post
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One streak resumes

and another ends.
Thursday, I was hunting with Charles, Dyron, James and Dave again in Tuskegee.

It should have been a easy shot. True, I was looking in the wrong direction, but still a rabbit on a slow lope down the middle of a firebreak.
I tried to be cute and shoot the nose off of him. I fired the wrong barrel and dirt kicked up in just past his head. I quickly lined up for a center mass shot as the rabbit continued his slow lope. I squeezed the trigger. I squeezed it harder. Still nothing.
Panic set in and I fumbled for the unfired barrel’s trigger.
The rabbit cut right and the dirt flew from yet another errant shot.
I heard Dyron shout. He thought I had killed the rabbit, not realizing that my legendary shooting skills, or lack of, had came back with a vengeance.

“Coming straight at you, Dyron”
I thought that Dyron was going to kiss me, he was so glad I had missed. The last few hunts I had been on with him had afforded precious few shots and even those were misses. Don’t get me wrong, both Dyron and Charles are cracker jack shots and are usually in competition for high man. But we all have our streaks, like Dyron missing or me hitting.


Still, I closed out the day with 2.
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Bottom to Top

Our host, Brent was missing in action. Something about a sudden cold. He told us to go ahead and have fun

I put the pump up for the hunt at for this hunt. Instead I drug out a old Stevens 16 gauge double barrel. Turns out it was a good choice
We started out in the wet bottom in the front of the property towards the train tracks.

When the dogs jumped, I positioned myself where I could move to the line if the rabbit got past me. The wet bottom land crossed the line into a full bore swamp. I figured if the rabbit got there, the dogs could either run all day out of reach or quickly loose the scent. The latter being most likely.

The best scene I watched on that day was Jeremiah, my young 1 ½ year old beagle, in full cry as he led the pack, splashing through a full pool of water, emerging on the other side hot on the track without losing a beat.

By the way, I was to late.
The rabbit had crossed.
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Tornado 2015

Saturday’s hunt at Pookies fell through, so we went with the standby of the Tornado Property up the road.

I enjoy hunting with Charles and Dyron. Small group, less competition for shooting lanes, but I have to say that I like hunting with the usual gang. And that’s what Saturday’s hunt at the Tornado property in Chambers county, Alabama was.

Sometimes it’s large. At times to large. Most of the time, someone is getting into someone’s way. You have to be careful and know whats on the other side of the rabbit. And it’s almost always a pleasure to have kids on a rabbit hunt. How else are they going to learn?
When new kids go with us, they quickly learn my simple rules
Rule #1 Don’t shoot my dogs
Rule #2 Don’t shoot each other
Rule #3 Don’t shoot trash
Rule #4 Any one caught acting the fool with a gun is told to leave. Saying your sorry doesn’t make things better, especially if there is an accident.
Rule #5 Don’t shoot my dogs
One thing that has to emphasized is that seldom is the rabbit right in front of the dogs. Usually, when the dogs are close to you, the rabbit is long gone

In attendance wasyour gracious host, rimfire, Middle Boy, Brag, Dylan, his brother Sebastian, Steve, Tony and our arranger, Plunker. Oh and I almost forgot Russ, Steve’s daughter’s boyfriend. I was a little suspicious at first. The woods in Alabama with a bunch of people with guns is a perfect time to have an “accident”

So, how did it go?
Well, for me personally, the following picture sums up my day Read More

Low Cotton

The Friday hunt last week was near some cotton fields that we hunted last year

The area was as pretty as always. Long berms that were only 25 yards or so wide and covered in dewberry vines that lay close to the ground. Tough running for the dogs. Tough walking for the humans. Great protection for the rabbits.

Yeah, I know. Short posts. That’s what happens when you hunt everyday. Details blend in together and hunts run together.
6 for 10
Charles 2
James 2
Dave 2
rimfire….well, who counts



Finally, we found rabbits at our second stop last Thursday. I was hunting with Dyron and CJ near Dadesville, Alabama. I was more used to gentle rolling terrain than the steep up and downs, mostly ups in that nearby part of Alabama. The land most resembled some land we used to hunt on 315 in Georgia

Despite only getting 2 rabbits out of three races, it was good to be in the woods. Kinda kept my mind occupied.

2 for 3
CJ 2
Dyron 0


Note the ubiquitous cell phone. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about the younger hunters. Phone, almost, always in hand, taking pictures or texting. This generation is constantly in touch. I’m sure if there is some calamity that deprived them of their cell use on some large scale, the results would be similar to a shortage of heroin among the junkies