Rabbit Season 2011 2012 kick off

was a minor affair.
About the only thing that really stood out was when GF had to take me to the emergency room Saturday night. That had nothing to do with the hunt and more on that later.

There was only three of us, Saturday morning, myself (rimfire), Dilla ( our resident pre-teat and armadillo killer) and his dad, Steve. I haven’t heard from Brag or Dusty1. Plunker was out of town. Cuz was working, yada yada yada
We were hunting Mr. Murphy’s property near the site of the old Salem Shotwell Covered Bridge. Mr. Murphy who let Middle Boy hunt has passed and the family has decided to sell the property.
We figured we would wear the rabbits out until it’s sold.
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Today is the last Hooray of the Alabama rabbit season of 2010-2011.
And naturally we have strong storms moving into the area. Hopefully they will hold off and let Dusty1, Cuz and myself get the final day in

I’ll write up the post for Saturday’s hunt at Ghost Town later
Short note
“We” got 4

The best laid plans of rabbits and men

The sunrise is earlier
The temperature is rising
The briars are greening, getting tougher and sharper
The johnny quills are blooming around the old homesites.
So, we decided to meet at Charlie the bugmans a half hour earlier to beat the heat.
Dusty1 was a little late and had Cuz riding shotgun. Dusty1 said that they would have been on time, but he had to stop at the store for Cuz to get another bag of chewing tobacco. The four bags that he had taken him to get last night evidently not being enough.

I unloaded The Rabbit Journal pack. As soon as the males hit the ground, they tried to mount Sister Sissy who, I discovered, was going into heat. I decided to put Sister Sissy back into the box in the shade while Cuz, Dusty1 and Brag led the dogs across the road/powerline/hillside/creek to where we wanted to start todays hunt.
Good plan, but the dogs started trailing before we could even get started. As a matter of fact, it was late morning with four rabbits before we could cross the creek.
But not before I made a quick trip to take Sister Sissy back to the pen.
So much for starting early
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Plunker said

that I was in a “Target Rich” environment.
Anyone that knows my shooting skills, would say that I suffer from target acquisition overload.
I have enough problems shooting one rabbit, but when I jump two at the same time, everything goes to pot with the barrel wavering in all directions

It was a pretty good hunt for Brag, Plunker and myself at Pittsview. Good enough that I tied for high man today.

Now after all the attaboys, you might want to know

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Dusty1 called

Valentine Day (and my anniversary) afternoon. He said he didn’t have to work and did I want to hunt rabbits till he had to take his sweetie out for dinner.
Rookie. You don’t take them out on Valentine’s Day. The restaurants are to busy even if you did make reservations.

It was just Dusty1 and myself on some property not to far from Rabbit Run.
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Where’s Cuz

was the first question I asked out the window of the old pathfinder when Plunker and I pulled up fashionably late. Dusty1 had called earlier while Plunker and I were still loading dogs to tell me he would be delayed since he had to go by and pick up his Uncle and grandfather.
Plunker and I weren’t to worried that we still arrived after Dusty1 and Cuz’s Boy. We had the dogs. Well, we had the important dogs.
Don’t get me wrong, Dusty1 has a couple of decent dogs. Mary, is good but fast. Way to fast. She needs a leg cut off so the other dogs can keep up. The other free dogs aren’t to bad when they have decent rabbit dogs to show them how

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