Well, that was pretty embarassing

Especially with a witness.

I went to the barn this morning to tend to the animals and a friend, Ricky was already there. He told me to look at the end of the run through the  barn. There set a big buck rabbit!

I walked to the end of the run and the rabbit took off towards the dog pens stopping only about 10 yards from the legendary Rabbit Journal Pack. I casually walked to the pens and through the gates open.

The rabbit headed south and dove through a section of hog wire. The dogs took off north celebrating being out of the pen without a thought as to the rabbit

I ended up walking the dogs all around where the rabbit had run and they acted like their smellers were broke. I could tell that Ricky was a little embarrassed for me especially with all my bragging about how great the dogs had done last season


Lucy “the nose” Lu

has passed at the tender age of 11.

She was a goodun. The best rabbit dog in these parts. Wouldn’t run nothing but a rabbit, why everybody says so.

Enough of the bs. She was a goodun, but she did have her flaws such as refusing to come in until she was good and ready.

She ran her first rabbit by herself at the age of 12 weeks and turned into the best “water” dog around. She would have been a champion except for those short legs. She born with a nose that can smell where the rabbit is thinking about going tomorrow, yesterday and legs so short they would embarrass a basset hound. Not only was she slow a foot, she tended to announce “the rabbit stepped here four hours ago, then here, then here then here,……..” Still, she was such a pretty puppy

Rest now girl until I catch up

Lucy “the nose” Lu

Ah, Lucy Lu was such a pretty little puppy.
Now, she looks kinda squat and toady. She was the first pup in Brag and my “Rabbit Journal” pack. All she ever wanted to do was chase rabbits. She ran her first one by herself at the tender age of 12 weeks. Brag and I nearly burst the buttons off of our shirts. But as she grew older it became pretty evident that she wasn’t a full blooded beagle, but part basset. Maybe even part wiener dog. Little short legs, long body and barrel chest, she was just toooo slow to keep up with the pack.

Her best feature is her nose. She can smell on Tuesday where the rabbit on Monday was thinking about going on Wednesday. Lucy can find a rabbit when no one else can, but it just takes her awhile.
Right now, we let her run by herself while we hunt the pack. When Katie retires, I’ll probably start leaving Lucy Lu to keep Katie company. I just don’t have the heart to leave her alone.

Hammering Kate:

Hound update
Hammering Kate: The grand old dame’ of the Rabbit Journal pack at 9 years old. She was Uncle NoPass’s last puppy. Brag inherited her and added her to our pack.
Katie hammers on a hot track with a constant BARK.
She has two bad traits.
Katie thinks that a rabbit hunt is supposed to only be a half day long. At 9, that’s understandable.
She’s fast and thinks that it is her birthright to be at the head of the pack. When she was younger and Dixie and Julie outran her, I saw her circle ahead of the race to get back into the lead. She cut that out after a year or so.
Now she often overruns the track, dragging the other hounds with her. Then there is the milling around and circling until they reacquire.