Well, I be danged.

Sugar has showed back up.
Dusty’s dad spotted her near the tower in Pittsview and Brag went down to get her. The other three can handle the training collar with sixteen levels of stimulation. Sugar, I’m not so sure about.

Djmed has been a lifesaver this week

Well, at least saved me a lot of hassles by taking them on himself.
The dogs have started turning up individually. Djmed picked up Maizey and Julie, the two with my # on the collars, last night and is holding them in his pen. This is saving me from making repeated trips to pick the dogs up. Dixie is still missing and will be the very first recipient of my coming new high tech pine limb. Just as soon as I get my hands on both of them at the same time.

@%^& Dogs!

Time for a little tender loving care

“Did either of you boys tick somebody’s husband off?” Rye said while watching the occupant of the large black truck unfold himself from the interior. Turns out it was the host of our hunt and he was a big man. Not fat, but tall and solid. Walking over to where I was sitting on the grounds lacing up my hunting boots, he extended a hand as he said “Chuck Myguts? I‘m djmed“. And thus began the “not ready for prime time rabbit hunters and their poor, poor puppies that only need tender loving care to see the error of their ways and quit chasing deer“ rabbit hunt on the edge of the Auburn city limits. Read More

Maziy is back

The four dogs were found in three different places. They were all turned loose at GreenFields next to county 4. Lady, Dusty’s dog was found hoboing the railroad tracks next to 26. Across the fourlane from Seale, she was nine miles as the crow flies from the starting point. Next back was Julie and Dixie. They turned up at Mr McCoy’s Leather goods and repair shop near the Mariah Church. That’s only a couple of miles from the jump off. Maizey turned up two miles north of county 4, but several miles down the road from the entrance. Only Sugar is still out and I don’t have much hope of getting her back. If you remember, she was the really skittish one that didn’t want you to touch her. You can’t catch her to read Brags name and number. Roadkill is her likely end. I don’t know what was done to make these dogs so skittish, but I don’t want to repeat the mistake