Man, does time fly

Just finishing notifying insurance and such that I have been approved for medicare starting in October. If I thought this post some 13 years ago was rough, Seeing a medicare card with my name is a real downer. Makes me wish I was still “The Kid”

And it is time for the 2017-2018 rabbit season to start. It is hard to believe that I have been writing, more or less, for 17 years now

Which brings up another hard subject. This might be my last year writing about rabbit hunting,  Beagles  and my brand of nonsense. Well, at least the rabbits and beagles.

Kara (GF) and I are looking at starting a new adventure that will take us out of our comfort zone for at least 2 years. That means I will be selling off the dogs (since none of the usual gang of idiots are willing), cows, and selling Rabbit Run. The Rabbit Journal archives will still be here and I will still be writing with my usual brand of humor. Hopefully ThinWater and the rest will keep me up on the happenings of the 2018-2019 season and beyond

Heard from Brag

the other day.

Herabbit hunt pookies 049 was supposed to be on his way to Las Vegas with his lovely bride. But I hear tell that she fell sick and they had to put off the trip to March, after rabbit season. I’m still wondering what he put in her food.

Technical Issues

I’ve long used Nucleus cms to operate The Rabbit Journal.

However Nucleus has reached a dead end in it’s abilities. I always tinkered with the code and enjoyed it

I’m more or less being forced into a move to another cms.

Unfortunately, it is a move to Word Press. I plan to check out the others (joomla, drupal, ect) to see if they would suit my needs in the future. But, the move needs to come to quickly for me to experiment enough.
So WordPress it is though I truly dislike it

There are always some glitches and I’ll have to design a new front page, yada yada

Please bear with me

The Alabama Deer Hunting Advisory Board

The Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) has scheduled it’s first meeting on 28 February 2015, which coincidentally is also the last day and last Saturday of small game hunting in Alabama.
Up till 2014, the CAB meetings were at the beginning of February. I asked Commissioner Guy why it couldn’t be the first Saturday in March and he replied that it had to be at the start of February to get everything in.
Then in 2013-2014, the deer season was extended into February for part of the state. Suddenly Commissioner Guy found that he could schedule it for the end of February and the beginning of March and get everything in.

The cynic would say that the move was to give the deer hunters time to decompress and spend time with the wife before having to spend yet another Saturday on deer hunting. I tend to think that the schedule for this year is to suppress the number of small game hunters from showing up.

What could possibly be on the agenda for this year?
Well, the safe bet will be yet another extension. Not in the amount of February given to the tree sitters, but in the area covered. More of February will come at a later date.

One thing about most Alabama deer hunters is that they are stupid. The article makes it pretty clear that the whole idea in bringing in out of state hunters is that they spend more money.And it’s all about the Benjamins for the government and the landowners The average Alabama deer hunter is of the opinion of “I’ve got mine” or” Oh Boy another ten days to deer hunt”. Both are incredibly short sighted. Deer leases will go up, while more and more acreage will be incorporated into the “day” hunt. Commissioner Guy is own record for extending the deer season in order to market the sport to out of state hunters.

How many of you read the recent story hyping deer hunting tourism in the Alabama Black Belt?

I tend to think that the story was a plant with a government friendly (yes, I know) reporter. A testing of the waters, so to speak. They want to see if there is any negative feedback before Saturday’s CAB meeting. All this is speculation, but I think that the plan is to seek a uniform seer season throughout the “Black Belt” which would lead to adding a few more counties to the list of those included in the February season. The CAB will then seek to make a natural line across the state to make it easier to denote and enforce like they did with a part of Lee County when it made sense to just continue on using Hwy 80 as the line. This will probably add another few counties until they have the southern 2/3’s of the state included


Louie Charles Mattocks Jr passed away on the thirty first of January 2015.
It was a quite passing with both son and daughter in the room holding his hand.
May God have mercy on his soul

Difficult Things

I am on a death watch for my physical father “2”.

2 and I toughed it out until Monday evening when he started saying he had chest pains. 2 never complained or wanted to go to the hospital. This time it was different. He asked.
The Beauregard emt’s arrived shortly after I called and helped transport my father to the emergency room at the East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Alabama.

It wasn’t his heart as we had feared. During the tests, some blood was found in his stool. Then a cat scan showed the cancer had spread to his lungs, liver and some of the bones of his ribcage. This tough old bird had put up with the pain without a complaint.

I arranged for hospice at our home at Rabbit Run. He slipped into a comma like state shortly after the Home Med, Alissa, gave him a bath and sang some hymn to him on Thursday afternoon. I’ll never forget the smile on his face or this wonderful caregiver.

It is now Saturday and the watch continues.

Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt XIII

MLK Day 2015 was pretty good. Wasn’t as good as some and certainly wasn’t as bad as whole bunch of them.

I didn’t have much to do with this hunt. Dylan got the land.
Plunker brought the usual stew and bbq
All I had to do was bring the fish fryer so Plunker could heat the food up.
And even then he had to make a special trip back to rabbit Run to pick it up in front of the barn where I left it.

Our Host Dylan
His gf
His Brother Sebastian
Their friend Clay
Middle Boy
Plunker who supplies our lunch every MLK day
and a surprise guest
me! I had been telling everybody that it was doubtful if I would be hunting at all this year much less the annual Martin Luther King Day Memorial Rabbit. Hunt


The first rabbit got away. We were near a busy two lane road. I was sweating bullets as vehicles whizzed by with the rabbit leading the dogs along the base of an embankment that lead up to the road.
On the second circle, I called the dogs off. Nothing ruins your day like a logging truck and a pack of beagles on the blacktop trying to pick up the trail.
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