Boat Names

Kara and I have been searching for a new name for our “new to us” boat that we have yet to acquire despite shopping for almost 2 years. We have made an offer on a 36′ Manatee that has been accepted. The Survey is scheduled for next week

Some thoughts for a name  have been:

“Rabbit Run” was the name of our stately manor before the storm of 3-3-19

“Kdelynn” is a combination of Kara first and middle name

“Kdelou” is a combination of Kara and my name

“Reap the Whirlwind” is a reference to the tornado that destroyed Rabbit Run

“Windfall” is a reference to the tornado and the less than adequate insurance for restoring Rabbit Run that mainly consisted of whereis and therefores. One piece of advice is never ever trust your insurance broker. Read and understand your policy

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