Better to be a young widow than a old maid

was a piece of advice that GF’s cousin gave GF before we married. Why did that pop into my head? Well, Valentines day is Sunday and it’s also my wedding anniversary. There is a slight age gap, some would call it generational. If you’d like to know more about my valentine/anniversary hunts, this post is best

Thursday, we had a half day hunt as guests of Charles Pearson of Pearsons Action Pack Kennel.
I was there, as well as Plunker and Brent of AnySling.
I told Brent and Plunker that I had hunted this spot once before with Charles and Dyron. Charles killed a rabbit in the middle of a thick hundred long, fifty yard wide tangle on that day. Today he killed two in that same tangle and I found his honey hole, a narrow clearing that gradually thickened back into that impossible tangle running from side to side, giving him a clear shot. Like most excellent shots, he always made sure he had an edge. I bet the next time we hunt that bottom, he has to outrun me to that spot.

“We” got four
But, as a surprise, I was one of the “We” on this day. A big buck rabbit tried to lay a double track down and sneak back out. Surprisingly, it was a easy shot. Equally surprisingly, I made it. And without having to resort to the other barrel.

Final Score
Charles 3

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