Better Late than Never

is the theme for the 2016-2017 rabbit hunting posts.

Penny Sue stayed home for today’s rabbit hunt. Penny Sue is technically Brag’s dog, but she doesn’t believe that at all. The standing thought is if I disappear in the woods, just follow Penny. She’ll lead you straight to me.
Here lately she has decided that her main job is to protect me from any charging homicidal rabbits by maintaining a position some 20 yards from me between the dogs that are running the rabbit.

It’s true that on a hunt on the same property provided by Ronnie, our newest member of The East Alabama Rabbit Hunters and Souse Eaters Social Club (EARH&SESC), I was (hold on) the high man with 3 followed by Middle Boy with 2 and Ronnie with 1 despite ( or maybe because of) me having Penny Sue running interference. She turned two rabbits to give me shots I might not have other wise have gotten.

So on today’s hunt, the 10 year old female was replaced by an 8 year old male. Carlson is the son of our host and attached himself to me for most of the mornings hunt as well as part of that last hunt, no doubt recognizing my skill and genius in the rabbit hunting art. Where he could have heard such details is unknown. While my rabbit killing might have been impaired (any excuse is a good excuse), there was an upside. All my old tales and worn out sayings are landing on fresh years. That helps explain my liking for pre teats. That and I can have an assistant until they become independent and I have to break in new one.

Final Score

Brag 2

Ronnie 2

Sebastian 1

MiddleBoy 1

DSCN3333 DSCN3338 DSCN3347 DSCN3350

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