That’s right

The formerly stately manor of Rabbit Run is no more. The Beauregard Tornado of 3-3-19 came right up the creek.

The center part top of the 12 stall barn, built in 1900 was taken out along with the roof. The barn fared better than the rest of the property.

Pumphouse, the outside cooking shed,  every fence on the property, the rental trailer and our home was erased.

Now for the good news

GF and I were home when the storm struck.  When we crawled and dug our way out, neither of us had a scratch though the house was totally demolished


The day after Thanksgiving is the beginning of Winter with it’s two major holidays, Christmas and New Years. Or as I call them Credit Card MaxOut Month, and Fireworks Week.

This was a time to temporarily break up with a girlfriend and shouldn’t be confused with the time to temporarily break up with a girlfriend day in February, a first day of spring holiday, popularly called Valentines Day. The break up is a tricky situation to handle because while you want to be broke up during up to and including Christmas, you need to be able to reacquire the GF or acquire a new gf by New Years. GF being a semi permanent girlfriend while gf is used for a generic gf in which there is little emotional attachment. I cover the stages of relationships in a post that notes GF and mine.

Once again, there would be the usual feast on Christmas. Many of the ingredients would have been prepared before Thanksgiving and preserved for this upcoming meal. Our family never had a turkey at Thanksgiving until the arrival of GF. At Christmas, we would usually have a ham in addition to the chicken. As members of the church of Christ we didn’t celebrate Christmas because the Christ’s birthday is unknown. But we did recognize it as a day that Man had selected to celebrate his birth. So we would have a ham as we did at Easter to celebrate the birth of the Christ who would set aside the old laws.

The ham remains would be used as seasoning for the greens and black eye peas with the prettiest pieces used for sandwiches on New Years. The greens in our house were usually turnip greens with some root. The peas generally dried peas but sometimes pinkeyes frozen from the garden. Fried corn bread rounded out the meals. With the coming of GF, we went to collards. Happy wife semi happy life.

It’s been a bad couple of years

for the EARH&SESC.

We lost Chambers county, Halawaka Creek,  and some prime time due to the tree sitters getting the state of Alabama extend deer shooting season into February

Some teats got hold of some prime property and put it off limits till the end of Deer season.

Now we have lost Tuskegee

We have no property to hunt until the end of the Georgia deer season

A virtual reality in a virtual fishbowl

Our Federal powers that be keep talking about the things we have to give up in the name of, take your pick

a. security,

b. economic development

c. integrity of elections

d. environment e. healthcare

d. all of the above.

Maybe it’s about time for them to give up a few things. In the interests of a., b., c and d.

The first thing that happens after being elected is that our Senators and Representatives get Potomac fever.

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