A virtual reality in a virtual fishbowl

Our Federal powers that be keep talking about the things we have to give up in the name of, take your pick

a. security,

b. economic development

c. integrity of elections

d. environment e. healthcare

d. all of the above.

Maybe it’s about time for them to give up a few things. In the interests of a., b., c and d.

The first thing that happens after being elected is that our Senators and Representatives get Potomac fever.

Lobbyists wine and dine them. Special interest groups vie for their time with money, gifts and promised support. Back room deals are struck by our statesmen to bring home the bacon by giving the other guys politician some pork. In other words, once elected, they quickly forget whom they represent.

Their sole desire is re-election for a continuation of the perks and pleasures that power and position give them. So, maybe we should bring them home.


In the name of security, of course.

Both, our economic security, their physical security, our governmental security and preserve the tattered integrity of our elections in the process. All it would take would be a small nuclear weapon while Congress was in session or a few people infected with a nasty bug to eliminate almost all of our federally elected officials.

Now, I know some of my readers are saying “But Chuck, what’s the down side to that scenario? Well, the down side is that would leave the unelected bureaucrats of federalism and military in charge until they deem that things were stable enough for new elections. And that might take years, if not decades. Maybe even never though they will fail to admit that. Some of you may be saying the State governments would fill the breach. And that gives you a good feeling? Look at what some of our state leaders have recommended in the name of taxes, security and regulations. We need powers that are constantly at odds. Governments that constantly fight each other fail to “accomplish” much which is generally a good thing since they leave us alone.

Anyway, to correct the dangerous situation of having all of our elected federal government congregating in one small area where they are susceptible to elimination, either through accident or design, I recommend that we build them a virtual Washington D.C. This is the twenty first century after all.

We could construct each and every one of our members of Congress a office in their home state. And in the case of members of the house, in the district they represent. Each office would have a dedicated, encrypted, secure internet connection. And in very, very special cases, secure conferencing ability, though in most cases all parts and offices of the government process would be broadcast twenty four hours a day, both live and taped, for the citizens to view. If these security cameras are good enough to keep a watch on us, it’s good enough for them.

Such a move to a virtual Washington D.C. would have benefits beyond the security and continuity of the government. We could keep them home where we could keep a physical eye on them and make the government process open and transparent by putting our elected powers that be in a fish bowl. A local fishbowl where we might control the fish food. Or, at the very, least have them readily available to their electorate.

The old physical Washington D.C. minus, say the White House and the Supreme Court, would be turned over to the states that donated the land in the first place. Or if they didn’t want it (a likely situation considering) most of it could be declared a national park and eminent domain exercised to clear out the people.’

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