I want to tell you about Samuel P. Thumbsucker,

aka “Sammie”, but first I need to tell you about the Alabama Conservation Board meeting that I went to in Eufaula. And then I need to tell you about BB being busy growing the Dothan chapter of the EARH&SESC. And that several people at the meeting want to order T’s…..djmed. Hover went with me, to … Read More

The XIV annual Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt

The XIV annual Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt was a success, more or less. In attendance were guests, Troy, Sebastian, Clay, Keith, Brannon, and Middle Boy, along with EARRH&SESC members, Brag, Plunker and, rimfire  

Sister Sissy has passed

She was a good half day hunter and a frequent thorn in my side. Sister Sissy and her brother Samuel P Thumbsucker were gifts from Hover aka Haven Knight

Hover has risen from the grave

or maybe finally found somebody to throw his bail. I tried to get hold of him several times last season, before finally telling Plunker that I thought he was either dead or in jail. Nope, something about a girl wanting to kill a deer. The two things that ruin most rabbit hunters and he puts … Read More

The years seem to pass quickly as I age.

It’s hard to believe that we have started the 2013-2014 rabbit season here in mid Alabama. The good book tells us that life is but a vapor and no one knows when his time will be up. Take delight in each hunt. Enjoy your time with your partners. Many of mine are gone now. And … Read More

the Tornado again

The day after the first Tuskegee hunt, Brag, Plunker and I hunted the Tornado again Good news is that I was high man for the hunt Bad news was I had only two rabbits Worse news was Brag and Plunker had 0 We hunted all day long and had race after race only to lose … Read More

Place your bets

Was the discussion between Brag, Middle Boy, Plunker and his Nephew concerning our teenage guest, Cody as we trudged back to the vehicles in the downpour that had caught us on Plunker’s backline, Christmas Eve.

The first nominee is

Bo, Dilla’s rabbit dog. You know how you read of the dog that pulls the trigger and shoots the hunter who is very casually holding his gun? I suspect before it’s all said and done, Bo will accomplish this, if some hunter doesn’t shoot him first as he comes back to advise the human components … Read More

Got a call

from Hover yesterday. He told me his dog Elmer, got lost ( a euphemism for “ran trash”) and was hit by a vehicle before Hover could find him. Elmer, as some might recall is “Samuel P Thumbsucker’s” sire