Lucy “the nose” Lu

has passed at the tender age of 11. She was a goodun. The best rabbit dog in these parts. Wouldn’t run nothing but a rabbit, why everybody says so. Enough of the bs. She was a goodun, but she did have her flaws such as refusing to come in until she was good and ready. … Read More

I’m sorry Lucy

Lucy is The Rabbit Journal’s resident nose. She appears to be part beagle part basset with little short legs and a barrel chest. There is no way that she can keep up with the pack, but she can smell where a rabbit is thinking about going tomorrow yesterday. Lucy tends to smell and announce every … Read More

You got a lot of splaing to do, Lucy

And I was in no mood to listen to any crap about having ran a rabbit for two solid days or out running coyotes all night. Nor did I show those little legs any mercy on the walk back since I had to hike from the sawdust pile to Bobby Jones’s line. It’ll be a … Read More

Lucy “the nose” Lu

Ah, Lucy Lu was such a pretty little puppy. Now, she looks kinda squat and toady. She was the first pup in Brag and my “Rabbit Journal” pack. All she ever wanted to do was chase rabbits. She ran her first one by herself at the tender age of 12 weeks. Brag and I nearly … Read More


incision area is clean and healthy looking. I’m leaving Brag in charge while I go recharge my batteries. No pre-season exercise this Saturday.

Lucy is back home

after Doc Caldwell spayed (ovariohysterectomy) her yesterday. She seems to feel and move good. If it wasn’t for the stitches that she has have removed on Saturday September 30 I wouldn’t know anything had happened to her. Doc Caldwell does a good job at a very reasonable price Crass commercial advertisement ( a freebie no … Read More


is coming out of her first “heat”. We’ll let her go through a couple of more then get her spayed this fall before the gun season opens

Lucy got her

rabies shot today and I picked up another two month supply of prenisolone 5mg. She hasn’t been sick since she has been on it and Brag and I don’t want to see if she has outgrown whatever is wrong with her till after the close of the seaso, 1 March 2005. Er, I mean 06 … Read More

Lucy has been sick again.

The third time, now. Sick, four weeks later: sick, six weeks later:sick. Same symptoms started last Friday: Third eyelid a blue gray color. Eyes very weak. Lethargic. Off her feed. Slight temperature. Tail hanging down On Saturday: I went down to the pen after I put some redfish on the grill near dark. Lucy looked … Read More