Our hunt with Dyron was reminiscent of our hunts with the Legend of 315. On 315, even the down hill walks felt like it was uphill. Dadesville wasn’t quite as bad, but close About the only thing that was exciting besides the one rabbit was a snake laying on top of the briars. I announced … Read More

Top Dog and Puppy Update

I really should have given a puppy update after the MLK day rabbit hunt. And the Top Dog Mainly because the there were two top dogs and neither of them would have been the ones that you would expect. The Top Hunter is who you would naturally think it is with a guy called “Brag”. … Read More

The 9th annual Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt

is in the can. The members of the East Alabama Rabbit Hunters & Souse Eaters Social Club in attendance were Middle Boy, Brag, Plunker, Dilla, the armadilla killa and myself, rimfire We hunted off of 315 in Georgia since the deer season actually ends at a decent time there, unlike Alabama where it ends at … Read More

A day of rabbit hunting is a good day

A day of rabbit hunting is a good day A day of rabbit hunting is a good day A day of rabbit hunting is a good day A day of rabbit hunting is a good day


Finally, Dilla, the armadilla killa, killed a rabbit with a single shot. I’m sure the news would have had his dad excited at prospect of saving money on the shells that Dilla blows up if it wasn’t for the fact that afterwards, Dilla, went 0 for 4 that included a machine gun burst of three … Read More

The 9th annual

Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt is a go for Monday. We’ll be hunting with the Legend of 315 in Ellerslie, Georgia.

MLK Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt

has been set for Harris County in Georgia. Our host will be the Legend of 315 himself. Saturday’s hunt, despite the bone chilling cold will be at Plunker’s place in Chamber’s County

“I kinda hoped

that you would call off the hunt considering the rain” was Cuz’s greeting this morning when we met at one of Columbus Georgia’s overpriced gas stations. “We couldn’t do that Cuz. We all knew that you had already bought your out of state license and know how tight you are with a dollar. By the … Read More

I have to say

that the Rabbit Journal’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt was a unqualified success despite the cold. Hush up Vern. The land hadn’t changed any since last year when djmed wanted to know if all the land was a uphill climb. You would climb to the top of a hill and look … Read More