Fireman Pants and other thoughts

about the recent hunt with Brent and Michael in Tuskegee. “We” got 10 as I noted below. Looking at the woods we hunted though we could see that soon those double digit days would be a thing of the past. Rabbit hunting isn’t like deer hunting. You can’t get a 50 acre lease of mature … Read More

“He went toward that old guy”

“He went toward that old guy” I heard Jeff say to Middle Boy I glanced around the thicket I was standing in, trying to remember where the last positions were of the rabbit hunters and just where was the older guy. It took only a couple of minutes before I knew I was the “old … Read More

“We” worked hard for those seven rabbits

The “girls” and “guys” of The Rabbit Journal pack might disagree with who the “we” consisted of. The hunt for the last Saturday of the 2011-2012 rabbit hunting season was a rematch at Pookies, arranged by djmed. We, as in djmed, Brag and myself, had hunted there last Saturday and bagged a relatively easy five … Read More

You know how some days you can do no wrong?

Well, there’s always a ying to the yang. We wanted to get in a rabbit hunt before the rains came even if it was only for a hour or so. We lucked out and hunted until early afternoon at Pookies as guests of djmed. For those of you who missed it because of the expected … Read More

Thumpa thumpa thumpa

The party started next door at 10 pm on Friday night. When I awoke at 5 am, admittedly earlier than I needed to, I could still hear the thump of music mixed in with voices though we were separated by a good 200 yards. By 5:30, the sounds faded away as I sat and sipped … Read More

Where’s Cuz

was the first question I asked out the window of the old pathfinder when Plunker and I pulled up fashionably late. Dusty1 had called earlier while Plunker and I were still loading dogs to tell me he would be delayed since he had to go by and pick up his Uncle and grandfather. Plunker and … Read More


Finally, Dilla, the armadilla killa, killed a rabbit with a single shot. I’m sure the news would have had his dad excited at prospect of saving money on the shells that Dilla blows up if it wasn’t for the fact that afterwards, Dilla, went 0 for 4 that included a machine gun burst of three … Read More

Armadillo Dogs

Saturday’s rabbit hunt was pretty good one for this early in the season. I had some company on the drive up to Plunkers in the form of Donovan as I mentioned in the previous post. It sure was nice to have someone to help load and unload. Instead of the new puppy, Teddy NoPass, the … Read More