15 Years

Middle Boy had been wanting a sxs .410 to rabbit hunt with. I kept trying to tell him that with his advancing age which will bring on deterioating eyesight that he would be better off with a 20 ga or even a 12. But, alas, he listens to me now no better than he did at 12. Beside, he told me he plans to have my 20 ga Yildiz in fifteen years. I suppose he thinks I will have passed by my 78 birthday. I plan to stay around just to spite him. An now might even give it to Baby Boy. Anyway, Middle Boy has a acquired a Yildiz .410 sxs from Academy. Pretty much the same as my 20ga. These are light and affordable guns imported from Turkey.

Since it was just Middle Boy and myself, I provided most of the entertainment
The first rabbit I missed was just one of my usual misses. He hopped out on the road, saw me when I saw him. His reflexes were just better. Before I had time to do more than widen my eyes at the unexpected bunny, he spun into some thick bushes. A desperation shot tore the bush apart, but he had never slowed down

The next miss was worse or as Middle Boy said, the funniest thing he had saw in a long time. Let me set the stage for you

We jumped one rabbit in a long relatively narrow briar patch that was bordered on one side by a pasture and the other was a hardwood bottom that was completely bare of vegetation.
I standing on the far side of the bottom looking at Middle Boy standing in the briar patch waiting for the rabbit to cross. I had my gun under my arm as I focused the zoom and watched intently, not hardly breathing. And I waited.

Finally, Middle Boy noticed me and asked what I was doing. As I told him, he said “What moved next to you? I looked down to see the rabbit sitting next to my left foot. There I was camera in both hands, gun in the crook of shoulder as the rabbit sprinted into the bushes behind me. Trying to one hand the camera and attached tether  into the vest and raise and aim the shotgun with the other hand

proved to be a impossible task

We closed out what was supposed to have been a couple of hour hunt about two in the afternoon . And “We” got two rabbits

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