The Alabama Deer Hunters Advisory Board meets

The Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) will hold its first scheduled meeting of 2016 on Saturday, February 20, in Montgomery, Ala. The meeting will take place at the Alabama State Capitol Auditorium, 600 Dexter Ave., Montgomery, Ala., 36104. Visitors should use the entrance behind the Capitol on North Union Street.


It used to be at the beginning of February. Then they extended the deer season, so they moved it to late February so that the deer hunters could attend.  Small game hunters won’t because we can finally get into the woods and don’t want to give up one of best Saturdays

Two great hunts

We had two good hunts last week. On Thursday, five of us went to Tuskegee. We ended up with seven rabbits in fifteen races. I was missing as well as the better shots which is anybody else. More on that in a followup post.

rabbit hunt tuskeegee 024

On Saturday, we wnet to Pookies with our host, djmed. Here “we” got 11 out of a whole bunch of races. We should of ended up in the hight teens, but your host was 1 for 3. But I wasn’t the only one missing, I must hasten to add. More details in a followup post, after I get some firewood to the house, split some kindling, repair a waterline to the back pasture, unload a ton and half animal feed, ………..

rabbit hunt pookies 022


Last Saturday, we hunted in Richland as guests of Eric and his sidekick,. Eric is a birdhunter and his property is managed with that in mind. Nice briar thickets, lanes cut everywhere. The problem is a scarcity of rabbits. It’s not about the habitat or the food, I think it’s more about the predators. Hawks abound feasting on leftover planted birds. Coyote scat is around and wild hogs abound.

We were two for three with two of the rabbits being run on neighboring property. The problem of hunting with Eric and Brag is that when they shoot, you may as well start looking for a new rabbit

Final Score
Brag 1
Eric 1

rabbit hunt richland 001 - Copy rabbit hunt richland 005 - Copy rabbit hunt richland 021

Not bad

but not great either

On Saturday in Richland, we were 2 for three.

On the fourteenth annual Martin Luther King Memorial Day Rabbit Hunt hosted by the East Alabama Rabbit Hunters & Souse Eaters Social Club and The Rabbit Journal, We were 5 for 7 including one spectacularly easy miss by yours truley.

Details to follow