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Beauregard, Alabama

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The Rabbit Journal originally started out as a way to amuse family and friends. But it has started to attract other rabbit hunters and to you I say "Welcome". Feel free to comment, email and suggest. Just keep it clean

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The Rabbit Journal Tales

The Ridge Grove BBQ

will be the 15 of March
Directions to the Ridge Grove Volunteer Fire Department in Chambers County, Alabama. are here

It's pretty much a done deal

Deer season will be extended in Alabama for most of the area below Hwy 80 until 11 February.
And then they will gradually extend it throughout the state, eventually ending the 11 day shut down.
When they write the history of hunting in Alabama, let it be known that the following names dealt the final blows to small game hunting in Alabama, Governor Robert J. Bentley, his political appointee, N. Gunter Guy, Jr., Commissioner, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Chairman of the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board Dan Moultrie of Moultrie deer Feeders.
Oh, they will tout the long small game season and the generous bag limits, but they mean nothing without opportunity.
They'll talk about how they didn't give the deer hunters more days, but when they did take away the corresponding days, they still allowed blackpowder and compound bows. I wonder if that was at the behest of the CAB members who have or their family has ties to deer shooting plantations?

Me? I'm moving my vet to Columbus, Georgia. I'll buy all my gear either online or in Georgia. I see no reason to support the people who are driving the small game hunters out.
And the odds are The Rabbit Journal and the East Alabama Rabbit Hunters & Souse Eaters Social Club are not long for this internet world

The Rabbit Journal

Picture Show 2013-2014 is up

High Cotton

Well, as it turns out, we were literally in high cotton, just not figuratively. At least in rabbits

High Cotton: To be wealthy.


The last hunt of rabbit season is always bitter sweet. It seems like the month of February speeds away with me hoping that it never ends and when the last day arrives, I'm so glad it's finally over. We just try to cram to much into the short window that the Alabama Conservation Board and the tree sitters allow us. And soon it will probably be even shorter. But that will be another post.

Road Warrior

The “road”, the “firebreak”, the “logging trail” is where most rabbit hunters send kids, greenies, and old people to keep them out of the way.
About the time I turned 60, I noticed that I had graduated to the Mr. “first name” stage. This happens when people are familiar with you, but want to show some respect for your advancing age.

Rain rain go away

The rabbit hunt we had scheduled at the bird hunters in Richland started in a slow and steady rain that lasted most of the morning.
Eric tried to change it from Wednesday to Thursday. I countered with Friday. Thursday was out for me since I was, unbeknownst to me, to be a Road Warrior
Eric had more mundane problems such as work.
I made sure I loaded a complete change of clothes in the truck to join my regular “fall in the creek” bag and the wet weather bag I carry for the fishing boat, the 2+3 I keep in Apalachicola
Chuck “I'm warm blooded. Cold doesn't effect me like others” Plunker was a tad late this morning and I had to wait a few minutes on him. I asked him if he had everything when he finally came to the truck. “Why yes, I've got a extra shirt to change into when this one gets wet”
No jacket, no change of pants, just a long sleeve shirt to wear under his vest. It was then he made the fateful announcement of “I'm warm blooded. Cold doesn't effect me like others”.
These words would come back to bite him later in the day though he remarked when I brought the subject up that he was so numb from the cold that it could chew on him all day and he wouldn't feel it.

After the morning hunt, Plunker rummaged through the back of the truck looking for something warm to put on. Plunker is a lot larger than I but he told me he didn't care whether it fit or not, a knife would take care of that.

The morning hunt was productive if wet. Eric the bird hunter killed the first two rabbits. Eric's friend, Michael told me later that he had a lot of fun despite not killing a rabbit though he did have a shot. And “Those things aren't hard to kill, but they are easy to miss.”
True words, those. I should know

Final score
Eric 3


Brag 2


Sorry about the lack of pictures. To help me remember to take the camera, I looped it's carry handle through my coffee thermos and in the process of filling the thermos with hot water prior to the coffee, I dropped the brand spanking new camera into the sink full of water.

A Paucity and Dearth of Rabbits

paucity: an amount that is less than what is needed or wanted

That pretty well sums up my last two rabbit hunts though maybe “dearth” would suffice as well.

dearth: the state or condition of not having enough of something

But then again, I don't ever recall having a un-dearth or a un-paucity of rabbits.
To little; yes
to many; no

Redemption: more or less

The rabbit hopped out and sat in the middle of the trail trying to make up its mind where to go next. I pushed the safety off and raised the shotgun. The front bead settled on the big round eye.
This rabbit would make up for the easy shot that I had missed on this same rabbit on the first of his four trips through the area.

Peter Rabbit

was the name of the guy whose dogs, Charles and I hunted over Tuesday in Tuskegee.
And it's a small rabbit hunting world. He knew Pookie and ate at the annual Ridge Grove bbq because he likes the Stew. Which, by the way, is cooked by Plunker in huge syrup pots in the back of the Fire Station. And as long as we are talking about the annual bbq at Ridge Grove Volunteer Fire Department, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that it will be held the third Saturday in March this year.

The Saga continues

By now, Charles Pearson of Pearson Action Pack Kennels must be convinced that I am way worse than Uncle NoPass ever was about his dogs. If you remember, no matter how bad his dogs misbehaved or didn't work, you didn't insult them for “ these are the best dogs in these parts. Why, they won't run nothing but a rabbit. Everybody says so”
My problem is that when Charles is around, my dogs won't run, period. Not trash, not rabbits not even each other. Then when we hunt without him, the Pack turns in a stellar performance
On Monday, I thought I would have a chance to show off a little and cherry picked from The Rabbit Journal Pack. After all they had been running well enough to please me..overall.

Yes, I Know

I'm behind. Rabbit hunting two days in a row, followed by a day of worship tends to do that. Just wait until I hunt Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then you'll see behind

I was at Lowes in Opelika Friday and a young clerk said to me "You don't know who I am, do you?"
Not a clue. I'm horrible with names and faces to begin with and getting older don't help.

"I'm Jordan. You took my brother and I rabbit hunting several years ago by way of "One Dog"

That rang a bell. It was also good to hear that helped put a fire in his belly about rabbit hunting as he told me of some recent hunts.

Take a kid rabbit hunting. One day you might need him to return the favor

Fireman Pants and other thoughts

about the recent hunt with Brent and Michael in Tuskegee.
"We" got 10 as I noted below. Looking at the woods we hunted though we could see that soon those double digit days would be a thing of the past.


Rabbit hunting isn't like deer hunting. You can't get a 50 acre lease of mature pines and put out bait to lure rabbits in like the deer hunters. You have to have cover to hide from predators. Hawks, coyotes and, well, most everything likes to eat rabbits
The planted pines canopy is closing up and the briars below will soon die out from a lack of sun. The rabbit numbers will dwindle. So, we get them while we can.

We had a good day

in Tuskeegee with Brent on Monday

"We" killed 10


“Why are we getting such a late start?”

Brag asked in a somewhat accusatory tone. Well, Plunker and I decided that since we only had two widely separated 90+- acres for the day, there was no need to get there at daylight especially if it rained as the forecast called for. None of that held water with Brag. You have to remember that Brag is a dedicated rabbit hunter trained by his legendary grandfather Uncle NoPass. There is no such thing in Brag's book as to much rain, to cold a day, to hot a day, to tired dog day, to little land day or any other “to much-to little” day.

The Trudge

Most sportsmen used to know “the trudge”,
The definition according to the dictionary is “to walk laboriously or wearily along or over:”
It's that walk you get after a day hunting without seeing hardly any game, missing the shots that you did have, falling into a creek, having been lost, cold and hungry, or figuring out exactly where you're at is the furthest point you can get from the vehicle just as it starts to rain, that's “the trudge”.

Fishermen used to know it in the days when you hiked into your favorite fishing hole instead of backing your bass boat down the ramp. Deer hunters used to know it before they started riding their atv to their deer stand.
Now, for them, “the trudge” is more a state of mind rather than a actual walk.
Only the small game hunter knows the true trudge.