Thanks, Alabama CAB

We are so thankful to you for pulling the first two weeks of cold nice days of February when the briars aren’t greening up and the snakes aren’t out and giving them to the deer hunters. Instead you gave us two weeks in September when the brairs are tough, the heat oppressive, the snakes are out looking for the last meal before dening up and the deer hunters aren’t going to let us on their property before the deer season starts.

Thanks Alabama Conservation Board for nothing


Where the heck did this year go?
I thought that after 2 passed on 31 January, that I would have more time to do the things I used to.
Instead, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in his estate.

Going to be a busy remainder of the year 2015.
Dove shoot at Charles’s ranch in Tuskegee this weekend
Going with GF to fish in Apalachicola the next week
Rabbit season opens on 1 October
Going by Amtrak to New Orleans for Baby Boy’s wedding

And still working on 2’s estate. He lived in the same Phenix City house since 19

Technical Issues

I’ve long used Nucleus cms to operate The Rabbit Journal.

However Nucleus has reached a dead end in it’s abilities. I always tinkered with the code and enjoyed it

I’m more or less being forced into a move to another cms.

Unfortunately, it is a move to Word Press. I plan to check out the others (joomla, drupal, ect) to see if they would suit my needs in the future. But, the move needs to come to quickly for me to experiment enough.
So WordPress it is though I truly dislike it

There are always some glitches and I’ll have to design a new front page, yada yada

Please bear with me

I had a choice

closing out the 2014-2015 rabbit season here in Alabama or attending the Alabama Deer Hunters Advisory Board (aka Alabama Conservation Advisory Board, CAB)
No, not really.
It doesn’t matter if a small game hunter attends the Alabama CAB. They don’t care what we say and their sole interest is in increasing the revenue into Alabama by bringing in out of state hunters by making things easier for the deer hunters.

We hit our first and only double digit hunt this year as a guest of djmed on Pookies in Chambers county

Details later after I decompress


I haven’t written

about the last three hunts. That’s mostly because they really sucked.
Well, the Thursday hunt with Charles wasn’t bad. We were two for three, though mine was a jumped rabbit when I was trying to ccut off the other rabbit.


Final score
Charles 1
rimfire 1

The following Saturday’s hunt in Cussetta was pretty bad. One rabbit.
The habitat was great. Young pines filled with briars and honeysuckle bordered by a pecan orchard filled with green grass and a home overlooking to help keep coyotes at bay.
Not a pill.
We finally scored when we went into a wet bottom filled with palmetto



brag 1
rimfire who counts

Then on Tuesday, Brag and I went to Plunkers. It was pretty much just a long walk in the woods