This morning is a computer morning

GF and I plan to attend the Great Loop Fall Rendezvous whose registration opens on Wednesday, July 17th at 10:00 a.m. eastern time.

Meanwhile our quest to purchase the Manatee to be renamed the “KDLou” is still plodding along. A resample of the transmisson oil and coolant will take place this Friday with the results known by Tuesday of next week

Down Sizing

GF and I had been planning to downsize for a couple of years now. The Great Loop was on my bucket list and, well, I’m not getting any younger. I wanted GF to have some good memories of me and our times together when I pass. The twenty years difference in our ages means that she, God willing and she don’t get hit by a bus, should have 35 to 40 good years after I go.

We both loved Rabbit Run and the life we had there, but she disliked the long drive to and from work each day. And I found that the mini farm was getting to be more than I could handle. Hence the downsizing.

I admit it was slow going. We had a willing buyer for Rabbit Run at our price , but what the heck do we do with our 20+ years of accumulated junk I , mean treasures. And  2, my physical father had passed a few years ago and after my sister got what she wanted I was still left with well over half of his  65 years of accumulated junk I mean treasures. Sis had just downsized herself and moved to North Carolina. She had no desire to take her share of 2’s accumulated junk.

The kids of course wanted all the antiques and near antiques, but just not now. “We just don’t have room yet. We are planning to move in a couple of years when the kids are grown. Can’t you just hold on to them until we are ready? All that really means is you take care of them until you die then we’ll worry about them.

It was at this point I believe that God stepped in and said “You want to downsize? Let me show you how it’s done!”

The Beauregard Tornado of 3-3-19 came up the creek bottom below the house leveling everything on Rabbit Run except the barn. And the barn lost the center section loft over the 1900 original structure. We also got a crash course in Insurance and what I regard as the deceptive practices they engage in. Your agent will tell you that your personal items are insured up to xx dollars. But he doesn’t tell you that you don’t get cash. They require you to buy back everything you list. Your house is insured for xx dollars but he doesn’t tell you that depreciation despite any improvements will lower that dramatically. Got $70,000 in fencing? your coverage will be 10k or less.

Read your policy. Then read it again. I promise you that if you think all the “whereis’s and therefore’s” and sub clause xx through you will be shocked!

We have an offer on our property with us retaining  the now repaired barn, septic tank and four acres along with 250 feet of road frontage. We plan to accept the offer.

As noted below we have a conditional contract on the manatee to be named the “Kdelou”

All of this means that GF and I will soon be moving from our home area to where we will make our home port and set off on a new set of adventures. As much as I have enjoyed entertaining you with my tales of rabbit hunting and friends, it is now time for me to start writing about these new adventures so I will be starting two new sites, one for GF and one for myself.

Close but questions remain

We made an offer on a Kadey Krogen Manatee, a 36 foot trawler that has been accepted. After the Survey, a couple of questions remained and some renegotiation were required.

The terms have been hammered out. Now the only remaining items are for the oil to be changed in the transmission, the proper coolant level reached and then suitable hours put on the motor and transmission to make sure there is no coolant blowback and the oil analysis comes back relatively clean

Boat Names

Kara and I have been searching for a new name for our “new to us” boat that we have yet to acquire despite shopping for almost 2 years. We have made an offer on a 36′ Manatee that has been accepted. The Survey is scheduled for next week

Some thoughts for a name  have been:

“Rabbit Run” was the name of our stately manor before the storm of 3-3-19

“Kdelynn” is a combination of Kara first and middle name

“Kdelou” is a combination of Kara and my name

“Reap the Whirlwind” is a reference to the tornado that destroyed Rabbit Run

“Windfall” is a reference to the tornado and the less than adequate insurance for restoring Rabbit Run that mainly consisted of whereis and therefores. One piece of advice is never ever trust your insurance broker. Read and understand your policy

One of my few political thoughts

Well, I should say ” One of my few political thoughts that I have recorded since the days of redneckin”

We should pay close attention to Brexit and the “stay”/ media’s tactics to remain in the EU at all costs. If the Democrats and their media allies ever get us into a EU style coalition, as is their desire, the way they are fighting Brexit will be the way they fight any attempt for the US to leave

That’s right

The formerly stately manor of Rabbit Run is no more. The Beauregard Tornado of 3-3-19 came right up the creek.

The center part top of the 12 stall barn, built in 1900 was taken out along with the roof. The barn fared better than the rest of the property.

Pumphouse, the outside cooking shed,  every fence on the property, the rental trailer and our home was erased.

Now for the good news

GF and I were home when the storm struck.  When we crawled and dug our way out, neither of us had a scratch though the house was totally demolished